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Hey Folks!
I decided to make a monthly Feature with my favorite artworks I found that month. But as I got a lot of Favorites since I started being on dA, I wanted to feature some of them. I only chose maximum four deviations per theme and one deviation per artist, but it was very hard to choose only one. It was necessary, otherwise I´d  put nearly everything in my favorites into this Feature :D
The next feature will be at the beginnings of December, also on favorites I already got.

Chaumussay by Piscisvolantis  Mejika by ClairObscurArt  Madouce by Arkus83  <da:thumb id="47641177"/>

Paintings and drawings:
horse by PASTELIZATOR  Golden Bell Frog by KirrilyDuff  OJOS by KILEZABALA  Contemplation by Paul-Shanghai

Digital art:
magic tree by BaxiaArt 

Mature Content

Give Me Reason by brandrificus
  Torch Tiger 1 by ablaise  Sleeping With Butterflies by Valentina-Remenar

About YouAs we sit so nearly face to face,
Dreaming of the flights from place to place,
Longing, feeling eternal embrace,
I want to know a bit more about you.
How you hair perfectly strokes your cheek,
How your eyes shine like sunlight in a creek,
How you stay strong and why you feel so weak,
I want to see a bit more about you.
Where your dreams and hopes and prayers fled,
How the warmth and safety stays in bed,
Where the cliffs on distant shores have led,
Please tell me so much more about you.
Hearing your voice, seeing your lip quiver,
Seeing your soft skin huddle and shiver,
Dangling ropes are hanging by a sliver,
But tell me so much more about you.
My pleas may sound so elementary,
But our insides are grabbing out; be free
I'm always here to hear, remember me,
I'll never stop wondering about you.
There will be days, weeks, moments, seconds, air
To breathe and feel and live through, never rare
Distance never matters, my there's your there
Life's always around, always about you.
Don't be afra
  We did not expect the world to end.We did not expect the world to end.
It just did.
We kept saying “It won't happen in our lifetime.”
But it did.
We closed our eyes to the cracks in the walls
and they crumbled around us.
We forgot the decay in front of us.
It was so easy to ignore.
It ate away the foundations of our lives.
Still we ignored it
and claimed that life would go on.
We did not see it coming.
Even if it was right in front of us.
We tried to repair the cracks in the dams
though the water had already washed us away.
And though the clouds were black and red
we looked away.
Or stared ourselves blind on the colour display
as our skin peeled away beneath the acidic rain.
We dreamt of the sky
and reached for the stars.
Forgetting the ground beneath our feet.
It tore apart at the seams
the gaps too wide to repair.
And the sun was setting on a world
We did not predict the true apocalypse
though many a prophet had tried.
Their predictions were hollow
and we lost faith.
We did not listen to the real
    A LOVER'S SURRENDERA lover’s surrender is beyond perception
The ultimate sacrifice of me and mine
It is a perfect binding connection
Transcending the very realms of time
A true lover is always sincere
For the ego has no place
In a heart without fear
There is only grace
A lover’s surrender is beyond condition
The ultimate rejection of me and my
It is the perfect act of submission
Transcending the very thoughts of “I”
Beyond a lover’s surrender is the One
In the nameless region above
The journey complete and done
All that remains is love

Sterling Silver ROR wire bonsai tree by Ken To by KenToArt     Zodiac and the Great Night Sky by AnnEnchanted

Finally, the first DD-Suggestion I ever made. Became a DD on 3rd November.

Lightly, my love by sophiaazhou

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KirrilyDuff's avatar
Thank you so much. Gratitude x
JeanneyLost's avatar
:D It´s been a while, but you´re welcome :hug:
sophiaazhou's avatar
thank you so much! for suggesting and now for featuring too. ♥ ♥
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature :glomp:
JeanneyLost's avatar
You´re very welcome! Thanks for submitting your beautiful art!
GecksLameArt's avatar
Sorry if I'm late, but thanks so much for the feature!  It really means a lot.  =)
JeanneyLost's avatar
You´re not late, but very welcome ;) Keep on writing! :)
JeanneyLost's avatar
You´re very welcome :hug:
AnnEnchanted's avatar
Oh wow, there are some gorgeous pieces in this list, thanks so much for including my Zodiac book.
JeanneyLost's avatar
They are all gorgeous :D And so is your Zodiac book. ;)
Snapper56's avatar
Thanks for featuring my work!
JeanneyLost's avatar
Thank you for submitting it to dA ;)
Arkus83's avatar
Thank you so much ! :heart:
JeanneyLost's avatar
You´re welcome! Your amazing work just had to be featured ;)
Arkus83's avatar
:heart: thnks for your kind words
Piscisvolantis's avatar
Thank you very much! :) great featured!
JeanneyLost's avatar
You´re welcome! That shot is pure magic, I had to feature it ;)
BaxiaArt's avatar
Thank you for feature :heart:
JeanneyLost's avatar
You´re very welcome :hug:
Ridderkvinden's avatar
I am honoured for the feature :D Thank you so very much :D
JeanneyLost's avatar
I hope a lot of people get to read your wonderful poetry ;) Thank you for submitting it ;)
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