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This time I used a Doll Divine Arabian Nights style creator to make some new Toon Boom style looks for Jeannette Xiao and Kurenai Tenshi showing off the outfits they'll wear on their Middle East vacay, plus both girls get to have some Moroccan food, too. Plus, Kurenai's got a sexy new look and has straightened her brown hair. The Sailor Stars Shimmy Shake Special OAV will for the first time use a mix of anime animation, 2.5D backgrounds and Toon Boom like Disney animation. And don't worry, they'll be lesbian fun scenes, maybe some flirting, kissing and some grown up stuff. This will take place in the middle of Stars after Rei's visit to her relatives episode. Plus, a lesbian Ukrainian woman named Lisa will happily charter flight them to their destination. For a sexy price, of course. Or out of the goodness of her heart.

Sailor Moon owned by Toei Animation/Naoko Takeuchi. Jeannette and Kurenai owned by me. Part of the Toei/Rumik/WayForward shared universe!

PS. Who do you think is sexier as an Arab Princess? Jeannette or Kurenai?
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