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Desert Bloomers Belly Dance Off!

Barbara Eden Jr. as High Princess Caliana Chihaya (Jeannette's possible new belly dance friend/rival?)
Tabitha St. Germain as Jeannette Xiao/Reformed Eternal Sailor Anastasia (might be a Season 5 scenario!)

Jeannette is about close to 17 years old, Caliana's about 22 or 23.

Short version: A 'poster' for a belly dance battle between Caliana Chihaya and Jeannette Xiao! Who's gonna be ZAHRA-SERVED at the end of the night?

"Here's the rules: Each dancer picks a song each to shimmy and shake to. They can use any belly dance style, even haremrina style belly dancing, devised by our own fun 'genie' herself, Jeannette Xiao. If we're tied, I'll pick a random track from the dance off and both girls shake and shimmy to the beats. At the end, I'll pick a winner, and the winner also gets a nice meal/drink voucher for about up to 100000 yen. Optionally, they might have the pick of the ladies in the 'back rooms'. The runner up gets a 50000 yen food/meal/drink voucher." (DJ Somnambula/Boola voiced by Anousheh Khalili)

Jeannette's Diary: (quick entry)

I'm getting in a last minute yoga warmup before a special event. I think I may have found a long lost sister ally of my temple priestess. She has her face covered in a nice veil and her belly dance clothes are surely...magical!

Also, Melina, one of my BFFs who is now Sailor Aphroseidon, the Senshi of Water and Love has an insight that something from my Sun Kingdom days is in the hands of this lady. From my original resurrection version of my Sun Kingdom Queen Mother who now lives in a nice place in Hitachi Prefecture (and I'm EXPECTING THE NEXT here as in next time), I promise to see her.

She is Lady Solani and she's about in her late 30s, but still looks good in her mid 20s.), she has told me telepathicaly that this lady has something special in her bag, and two, I have heard rumours about something called "Ultra Eternal" mode.

A step up from Eternal Sailor Senshi. As for the first item, Solani who is an expert belly dancer in various styles created the Sailor Guardian version of what those 'Genies In Zahramay Falls' call a Dance Magic device. This Sailor Guardian talisman normally works with my Eternal Sailor Guardian form, activating a Harem Phase 1 version of my Eternal transformation, allowing me access to the first tier of Sailor Guardian Dance Magic. But first, I must win the talisman from my rival in a belly dance off. Rubiyat and Melina are spending some time with Naomi so I'm on my own, except for Ophelia Chang who's cheering for me from her seat and having a drink.

(Ophelia's a part Remliss reformed version of Otedamako and a former Dead Moon Circus servant.)

Gotta go, my rival's about to pick her dance song! Cheer for me."

Jeannette Xiao.

Sailor Moon owned by Toei Animation/Naoko Takeuchi, all else belongs to me. Like it? Comment, draw stuff inspired by it, and fun things.

Part of the Toei/Rumik/WayForward Expanded Universe! (Shimmer and Shine special crossover event coming! Not for kids.)
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