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Sun and moon of Yoshiwara

The Sun is not the only thing shining in the sky. The Sun and the Moon… are both irreplaceable lights that illuminate this town of darkness!

Hinowa (front) and Tsukuyo (behind) in the 'Yoshiwara in flames' arc, from Gintama. Awww it was amazing!!!

This pic was a pleasure to draw. Both are courtesains, forced to "work" in the town of pleasure (Yoshiwara) that is underground, so they can't see the sun anymore. Hinowa is super beauty and i tried to catch her "radiance", because she is like the sun, specially her eyes. And Tsukuyo is a darker woman, always at the shadows, but protecting her beloved friend and taking care of the town, in her way. Both are very interesting characters and i wanted to draw them (specially Hinowa's kimono muehehe).

This pic is for my super loved cromarlimo because i know he loves Tsukky xD, and this arc in particular. I hope you all enjoy this. I will try to make more but you know...i'm super busy T.T


This pic took me like 4 hours. Done in SAI. Is really big so you can download it like a wallpaper =)

Hinowa and Tsukuyo belongs to Hideaki Sorachi
Art belongs to me
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amg *n*
I fall in love with Hinowa you did her soooooo beautiful!!!
her kimono *n* amg...! 
and the scene is so amazing too!! 
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aww thank you dear!! both, Tsukky and Hinowa are amazing characters, and Hinowa's story was so beauty *,*
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The details on the kimono and the game of lights inside the Japanese room are beautiful, exquisite :love:
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thank you so much. Draw kimonos with patterns is really funny and relaxing hahaha
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The kimono omg
ur so fucking skilled :iconlazycryheartplz:
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aww thank youu, i just used a lot of patterns and is easy to do! =)
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I've gotta try this ! so beautiful :D
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the kimono is something of... sjdisfnjendkosdln *-*
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It's amazing!I like her kimono and eyes. Moon's light so beautiful=D
Jeannette11's avatar
thank you so much Hime!! :)
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Dear !!! .........................I AM DEAD ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
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thank youuuu!! both are so elegant and beauty awww i'm so glad you like it =)
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YOu're very right ,Jeannette-san ♥ you're welcome .
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Que preciosidad de dibujo, en serio, me encanta el contraste de Tsukuyo e Hinowa :love: El kimono es precioso y los adornos del pelo...
Es hermoso, y la cara de Hinowa es perfecta *w* Increible!!!
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gracias amada miaaa!
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Hija de mi vida, te has lucido con este eh O___O Me has dejado sin palabras... bueno casi, ya sabes que siempre tengo buenas palabras para ti, y ese kimono... me quito el sombrero, en serio!!
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gracias guapa!!! <3
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youre welcome!^^
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Wonderful work :heart:
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