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The Amazing Spiderman

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Done! :love:

This is Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, the new Spiderman. :la: I'm very looking forward to the movie! :) I drew the poster with Prismacolor and acrylic and used some different reference pictures for the drawing.

The reference for the glass fragments:… by :iconarchaii:

Oh and these are my most heared epic music scores while drawing this:… and… by John Dreamer. They don't let me give up in the face of all the details. :la:

edit: Saw the movie yesterday (July 2nd). You have to watch it!! It's just "amazing"! No really, it's an awesome movie. In my mind, the best Spiderman movie yet.

Prismacolor pencils
White pigment ink
Size: 43x61 cm
Paper: Fabriano Artistico
Time: approx. 60 hours


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"The Amazing Spiderman" is © Sony Pictures, Marvel, Columbia Pictures 

Drawing and composition © by Jeanne Delâge


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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
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I think your work is spectacular. Very well done, there is emotion and realism in this poster, everything is noticeable without seeming too clumped or busy. Now on to the hard stuff; your vision is good, but what I don't like is the way the poster is separated into three dimensions. I'm not sure if that's what you where going for, but in my opinion in takes away from the art. The idea to have the two action shots of Spidey is brilliant, but their positioning is awkward and sticks-out strangely. The city and the broken glass go together perfectly, but it doesn't go so well with the your figures. The idea is, again, brilliant and very original, and with just a little tweaking should look great, or, dare I say it, Fantastic (comic buff, that's me). Garfield's face is beautiful, that is just hands down phenomenal technique; because the all around vibe from the poster is "Watch out, epic badass coming through" maybe make the shading a little darker to fit with the background and general feel of the art and he's perfect. Your attention to detail is great, and you proportioned Garfield's body very nicely. All in all, a amazing piece of work, so the council decrees it goes to the favorites.
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Well, the three dimensions was the way I where going for. And yep, the positioning of the two small spideys isn't quite perfect. But I don't care about it. I know the whole piece isn't perfect. But as I always say: Not to be perfect is the way to be perfect!

Thank you for your opinion! :)
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Love this very much !!!!
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Truly amazing work! :heart:
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ich liebe es ich find es so kool und amazing :P
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Vielen lieben Dank!! :)
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that's just awesome! :D I'd like to draw like that :)
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WOW :jawdrop: das ist echt.... einfach toll.... :iconinloveplz:
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Dankeschön!! :aww: 
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Kein Problem!! :meow:
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This is freaking awesome!
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I love this! It looks exactly like Andrew! Well done, give yourself a pat on the back.
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Beautiful, beautiful work. Love the film, love the actor, love the artwork.
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This is simply beautiful. :)
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:wave: This work has been included in Traditional Art Favorites of 2012 feature! :aww:
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