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Armin x Reader {Don't Forget The Daisies}
"Hey Armin? Remember when we met?"
"Yeah, you fought off a boy twice your size. Then you brought me a flower."
"Do you remember what kind of flower?"
"Just a little white daisy you had in your dress pocket if I remember correctly."
He remembered clearly in fact, how could he forget? You were used to the fights but no good with other kids crying, so you gave him the daisy you picked earlier that day, it was withering like the innocence of childhood, but still pure. He smiled, but it was a sad smile so you thought maybe if he could have a whole bunch of daisies he would be genuinely happy, so you pulled him by his thin wrist all the way to your secret place. A place where the daisies grew wild and in clusters and patches like a white quilt spread over the hill. It looked like snow, but it was a mid July evening, the fireflies floating upwards toward the lone tree.
"Daisies always make me happy, normally I don't let boys up here but this is a special occasion."
And so you had claimed the
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Ghost of Popstar's Past by JeanIsaHorse Ghost of Popstar's Past :iconjeanisahorse:JeanIsaHorse 23 7 The windy thing! by JeanIsaHorse The windy thing! :iconjeanisahorse:JeanIsaHorse 2 0
Average Saturday (Dave x Reader)
This is what you and the youngest Strider do every Saturday night, no one's home, the lights are dim. Just you, and Dave. Locked in his room for the whole night, bodies close, hardly any conversation other than the occasional moan.
"a-ahhh, wait ___, l-let me breathe real quick." Grinning slightly, you give in to his request, left hand pressed tight against the skin of his bare back. You let the teen have his breather, though you knew you shouldn't have, it just makes it worse.
"Are you ready, Dave?" With a shaky nod from said boy and a new found strength in both of you, you reached down just a little further.
Mumbling soft apologies in his ear over his short, heavy breaths. He braced himself, eyes shut tight, as you.....yanked the string on his corset causing a muffled shout to come from his mouth.
Yes, you and Dave trade clothes for a whole night every Saturday. You bring something cutesy and over the top to his house, and he gives you whatever he pulls out of his closet first, but i
:iconjeanisahorse:JeanIsaHorse 137 82
Lurve (Davesprite x Reader)
There was no way you were ignoring the stressed call from your good old friend John, he seemed pretty urgent and was speaking way to goddamn fast for your liking.
"Whoa, dude, chill the fuck out. breathe, then repeat whatever you just said." You commanded, he tried but it just came out as a jumbled mess again when you heard Dave in the background. "Hey, better idea, hand the phone to Strider." He did as told, thank god.
"Uh, hey, why is John flipping his shit?"
"Because my sprite is having a totally uncool emotional breakdown, he totally bit the head off of a Nic Cage cut out. Think you can fix him or something..?" You sigh in irritation, why is it so hard for him to keep a sprite happy? Just give it a cracker, an iPad, and a shitty comic idea and he's usually content for like an hour.
"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in a minute." You hang up before any more words could be exchanged and slip on whatever shoes were closest and walk out of your house, off to the Strider's apartment.
When you
:iconjeanisahorse:JeanIsaHorse 294 70
Chibi Jean by JeanIsaHorse Chibi Jean :iconjeanisahorse:JeanIsaHorse 4 2


Anon Request: BJC x Reader
Entering the Wi-Fri, your favorite local Beverly heights hang-out, you fail to pay much attention to the trio of high school students sitting on a couch off to the side. Though perhaps you should have given the entire building a wide berth today. Alas, the craving for cheese fries and a strawberry smoothie was too great.
While you wait in line to make your order, a commotion seems to bubble up from that one couch that you had so meaningfully ignored when you first entered. You attempt to ignore the ruckus as it is almost your turn to order, but of course, you fail. Hushed shouts waft towards your ears and the conversation really means nothing to you. It was an argument of some sort, and you heard the name Billy multiple times, simply assuming it is the name of one of the kids siting there.
Finally it is your turn! You step to the counter just as the argument suddenly ends with a final shout of “Billy!”
Before you even have a chance to open your mouth, you feel someone, or r
:iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 39 13
neither is this by Deycrazy1 neither is this :icondeycrazy1:Deycrazy1 572 22 Don't do drugs,pls by GreeenLiight Don't do drugs,pls :icongreeenliight:GreeenLiight 53 17
Mature content
Gamzee x Reader P1 :iconcupcakesofwar:CupcakesOfWar 18 5
Crown of Hashtags by pupukachoo Crown of Hashtags :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 580 24 Armature Plush - Kurloz Makara by pupukachoo Armature Plush - Kurloz Makara :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 330 10
Karkat x Short!Reader : Palm Top [1]
Preview :
"I don't see why the fuck this bitch is so special," Karkat spat, weakly resisting Jade's vigorous shoves towards her house. 
It wasn't long until he felt her hand collide with the back of his head, "Don't call her that! You're the only one who hasn't met her yet,
that's why I'm introducing you to her!" 
"No one talks about her," He muttered, slugging up the brick stairs that led to Jade's front door. "I don't need to fucking meet her if she's
no big deal." 
"Well, you are." Jade huffed, unlocking the door and stepping inside. He entered to see John, grinning broadly from his spot by the sofa 
in pajamas. Karkat shrugged off his coat and scarf, hanging it on the coat hanger by the door before wiping the snow off his shows at
the welcome mat. 
"Where the hell are your clothes, Eggbert?" Karkat scoffed, "You look like an idiot in candy cane sleepwear."
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 128 53
{Making It Easier~Part 2} Dave X Depressed!Reader
As soon as Dave arrived back at the apartment, he found Bro waiting for him with his note in hand. Bro looked up when he heard the door shut, reaching for his katana before noticing that it was Dave and setting it down carefully.
“Hey, lil dude. I think we need to have a talk.” Bro motioned for Dave to come sit next to him.
“This better not be some shitty fucking excuse to dump your dumb ass smuppets all over me, Bro.” Dave said. Bro just rolled his eyes and smirked replying, “Nah dude, it's cool. They’re all under your covers already anyway.”
Dave was about to start complaining but Bro stopped him short.
“You do realize you can’t solve all her problems and carry all her pain around with you, right? Like, no matter how hard you try, it’s not gonna make her life perfect. She’s still going to struggle through this”
Dave looked down at his converse and pulled off his shades. He knew Bro would bring this up one day,
:iconlilred1798:lilred1798 77 3
Billy Joe HotStuff by KairaPlatypus Billy Joe HotStuff :iconkairaplatypus:KairaPlatypus 20 5 Long Live the Late Cobra by MissPeridot Long Live the Late Cobra :iconmissperidot:MissPeridot 88 31 DTMG-Sleeping Dorks by AlexDasMaster DTMG-Sleeping Dorks :iconalexdasmaster:AlexDasMaster 322 24 crop tops are pretty great by tabbyborym crop tops are pretty great :icontabbyborym:tabbyborym 42 6 you are by Twilight-Red-Tammy you are :icontwilight-red-tammy:Twilight-Red-Tammy 11 7 Billy, it's that simple? by Anree-Bekker Billy, it's that simple? :iconanree-bekker:Anree-Bekker 365 15 Billy Joe Cobra Ghost Plush by Lemonpez Billy Joe Cobra Ghost Plush :iconlemonpez:Lemonpez 154 79




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Aika Nobara
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Hey there.

My name is Aika Nobara. I crawled out of southern Tokyo on the day of my birth, grew up in Okinawa, and have been living in Arkansas in the united states since I was 15 I am 18 now. I'm a rare case, I am an 'American Japanese' citizen. Though I was born in Japan, both of my parents are American and life had been hard for me because I didn't look like the other children. English isn't my first language, but I think I'm pretty good at using it! I love every fandom really, but I belong solely to Homestuck, the Nitrams are my babies <3 I am pretty friendly and love to meet people at conventions and make new friends on the internet and in real life. I also have a really bad habit of using sarcasm when I shouldn't.


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