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near the sea

mappo and icarium, ill fated wanderers in the malazan book of the fallen... mappo is the guardian of Icarium, who has no memories at all... the task assigned to Mappo is to ever guard him against remembrance.... go read the books!!!

It is the very best high fantasy work of fiction ever DONE!!! and my work does not even come close to portraying the greatness of the books!!!!!
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Thanks! The simplicity of their travel gear and all around regular tough guy look is fantastic. It would be cool to see a detail of Icarium....
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Love it! Comes quite close how I imagined them! ;P Great eye for detail and great background :D
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Thanks.. it's an old picture,,, with some flaws, but it came really from the heart... I'm struggling right now to get a picture out of Malaz.....ah Well!
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Love the way Icarium looks
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Nice, especially Icarium. I imagined mappo difrently.
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Very beautiful work!
Very nice I'm reading the latest installment right now.
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good stuff dude rock the Ericson!
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wicked! This looks really good:)

it looks like Mappo only has one eye, though...
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Not bad though that really isn't at all how I imagined the characters to be.
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