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from the malazan book of the fallen...
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His name is Tool with the meaning of "tool"? it got translated to hungarian as "Túl" which would mean too far. But that makes no sense so I thought that his name has no meaning.
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'Tool' is short for Onos T'Oolan, which I think means 'shorn' or 'unbound' (i.e. from his clan). 
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Inspired and inspiring :iconbravoplz:

Wow, great illustration Sir.:iconseriousnodplz:
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You did a great job on this!  love the shading and the whole thing.
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Oh, this is fantastic, where did you get the idea for the helm?
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A M A Z I N G *___*
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This is pretty much far and away more awesome than I ever imagined him. I'm taking this image with me, in my mind, while I finish Memories of Ice. Great job :).
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This is definitely a much cooler version than how I imagined him.
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Really ultra fantastic !
Amazing. First Sword of the Imass, indeed.
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That's cool, congratulations :+fav: ;]
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There's no limit to the amount of things I could find to compliment about this drawing. Probably the best one I could think of is that it's almost identical to the image of him that his first appearance in the book put into my head.
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You have made my day <3
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Love the motion around Tool's cape and sword. I just read the first Malazan Book of the Fallen and Tool is still fresh in my memory, so it really caught my eye how accurately you portrayed him!
Outstanding! Love the style.
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That is fantastic! Best rendering of Tool yet.
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Are you a pecncil master yoda or sth? :D This is great!
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It roxx, you roxx!
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