Photograph Eye Reflections Tutorial

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Learn how to photograph eye reflections using this tutorial on…

The tutorial was recently featured on Gizmodo as a part of their Shooting Challenge:…

Try it out :highfive:

Some of my results:
allthatglittersisgold. by JeanFan 
Mescalination by JeanFan  between time and space by JeanFan  rosesrred. by JeanFan 

Other works to inspire you:
Reflection by LifeOfMadara Eye Reflection by adlforlife  Reflection by iilva 
Eclipse Of My heart by I-Heart-Photo  Roses Are Dead by I-Heart-Photo  As Seconds Fly by I-Heart-Photo 

Thanks for your support!
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Hiya Jean, thank you for sharing this here!! I'll have it bookmared and of course keep you posted on any outcomes in the future...I appreciate you taking the time to write down and share this knowledge! :)
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Very pretty! My problem is trying to AVOID eye and glasses reflections though!
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Thank you for sharing your talent-- beautiful photography and concept.
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beautifull and usefull:))
Thanks for sharing:heart:
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thank you for your useful tutorials on your site :)
I find them clear and simple.
Thank you :)
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Great tutorial!! I hope to try it out soon!! :D
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Love to see the results if you decide to share them online :highfive:
TalviEnkeli's avatar
I'll let You know about the results! :D
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Congrats ,dear Jean for your DD. I appreciate your works and your kindness at sharing your knowledge :hug:
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Thanks Shlomit :hug:
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