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behind the smile.

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Blind and mute. You nod and agree.
You'll fake it until you make it.

Tutorials and Resources
- Take self-portraits: [link]
- DIY backdrops: [link]
- Grunge detail extraction: [link]

Materials and Methods
Nikon D80 + 50mm F1.8 Nikkor + IR remote + 2 second timer so I could use both hands. Dark brown fabric hung in the background with tape. 88 shots to get the composition right. Black eye liner to draw the eyes and smile. It's been awhile since I last drew on myself for a photo; I forgot how hard drawing on uneven surfaces with my non-dominant hand was :lol: GIMP for post editing. Grunge detail extraction protocol. More curves to tweak contrast and colors.

Additional Comments
Redoing a really old concept. Interpret as you wish.

This photo is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Licenses for commercial and derivative use of this photo are available for purchase. Please contact me if interested. Under the Creative Commons license, this photo may be displayed on other websites as long as:
1. Credit is given in writing stating "Photo by Jean Fan (JFotography)"
2. A link is provided back to the original photo or
3. All other conditions under the Creative Commons license are met
Any use of this photo other than as authorized under this Creative Commons license or copyright law is prohibited.
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This just brought back emotions that I try to hide. Thanks! Beautiful. 
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this would be the awesomenest if it werent her/his hands, but someones elses!!

looks good nonetheless
TheThirdTwinWins's avatar
Fantastic concept...
Xenfea's avatar
Thought invoking! Love it :)
CrumbledWings's avatar
Hey i think that this is awesome and that is it perfect fit the cover for a poem i wrote. I used it as a cover and definitely gave credit and a link Hope u don't mind and i love the photo
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BlueUmbrellaGirl's avatar
great message and idea
YouMakesMeBeautiful's avatar
Your beautiful photo is featured here [link] :heart:
Hetalia-Bubble's avatar
Wow! Thats really unique! It's brilliant!:)
TheoDesigns's avatar
AxelTakahashiVIII's avatar
rareflower3377's avatar
I wish I was half as creative as you are. :)
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
This has been featured here: [link]
CodyWilliam's avatar
This is so awesome :D
bHYde's avatar
I don't know how to put it, the lighting, contrast in it... ahh I really love it! Great work!
alcrd119's avatar
That's just awsome idea!
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AngelofAngels666's avatar
this is very clever. its an amazing photo
stcookiie14's avatar
This is very wonderful although it would have even looked great if there was a tear running down one of the eyes.
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