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The light within.

By JeanFan
The light within us that will not be extinguished.
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Aug 13, 2012, 10:13:44 AM
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Yellow-Tulips by KmyGraphic:iconcrazyasmyart:amazing-pls join my group!
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so in fared roses with rose being the name of two or three girls i plan on being the parents of their children, off setting the color spectrums of light to ween and breed plants to grow in the remote control spectrum of existence to thrive on that instead of sunlight at the USPTO as a accumulation of paradigms being overcome and unbelievably infuential as an optional viewpoint of formulating your effect on me… "year after year of conceptual continuity" if you learn thats the light i am and you know its far better than a book the whoredom of image with a hand written name in a book is her daughter seeing kimmy get to fuck her for him to show her how to start letting herself become better and satisfying me lego = down the leg in the shower or fertilized by me shower scenes is yes having my kid to have kimmy as a whore positions associated with her mother becomes (whats it really is it her is it looks is it her breasts became what i don't approve of so a kid makes it better, or is it she knows she decided to give herself a breast implant to point out she can never be arroused as the girl trying to get me to let her lose her virginity is… yeah she really knew me and you should get to know me. and if men fuck her like a whore because of me its because i think she's ok with that as long as bit chin camera as a option I'm comfortable with, in regards to the other ones though, do you think becoming like them if their life is influenced negatively from me being a man people want to hurt to rob should let those who go and try to mate with any girl i care about as parasites survive to have the option of doing it to your cousin or you if you fall in love with a man thats easily lovable = no they shouldn't exist anymore if they ever hurt my lovers, but their best friends looking forward to making shure i start having sexual intercourse with me when realizing mating with me to influence each day of their life they have a kid to raise proudly and selectively is what they would like to do and I'm going to let them so if they get fucked by a man in ways you approve of and if i fuck you so he can do that with them as mine can its because i won't regret letting them learn to appreciate the male version of you when teaching them to accept my choises and approve of them without becoming angry at me (umm yes) so she does so like a female like you are enough to cause…she can request what she knows will make things how she thinks she can let you as mine is what i would teach her which is that and thats because you can and i am different enough to be there in person making you understand i approve of you having it better than average from starting to get good at that in my army… yeah her doing that with me enough would give you that. and i hope you do with me some day is still not a light, but shining a light on yourself appreciating it to tape it to justify that it satisfies you honestly more than me is a true reason why i would approve.
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If my power plant out lasts the sun and broke down organic animals in space that mine astroids to places that might make ships like star wars has in them if the translation is clearer that sex is a priority when mentioning a light, I'm still the star thats the inventor of electricity which is not solar, but can be a solar amplifier, and ejaculating in your cunt as a whore to let him buy you for himself might be his viewpoint, but i don't think your missing the human nature that would keep your from loving, feeling satisfied, becoming codependent to snuggling with and learning to make shure someone fucks you when he cant and i cant comes to mind = women are treated very respectfully by me and some societies and regions are fragile, but the way i know i can handle treating girls while rationalizing things without letting them get to me like unexpected expenses leads to yeah shine a light on i don't like red and my parents room had one once but whoever did that might be taylor swift making me not have to care about it on my mind.   aka my name means red king, but blue is more like my comfort hue but her album named that and her caring about it accents my life in ways i know she can enjoy and enjoy for me as mine because it being on my mind isn't a thing that i care about taping her with a red camera is more like maybe sexually as my intern taking an archive of herself with me should become a priority and I'm ok when it does for her… sfh2is she has the right to love who she does and if she loves me enough to over the years then i welcome that love and will allow her to, true.   
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Classic you :) Clean and soft and such subtle tones. Wonderful as always!
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trying to get back into the groove of things :) thanks, Andy!
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try as we may...
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