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Love in a cup...
...drink it up

Materials and Methods
Old marshmallows cut into heart shapes. Marshmallows have a mind of their own :shakefist: ...they wouldn't stay in the center of the cup, or sight side up...this is as close to perfect as they were willing to get.
another version : [link]
cam at arms length away + tripod. tonal adjustments in most, faded slightly

Additional Comments
Studying's boring, so I eat. I'm actually not a big fan of eating marshmallows plain, but I like them with hot cocoa :D :giggle:

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I want some please:drool:
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this is


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There's a song by korean singer IU called 'Marshmallow'. It's really cute. ^^
Anyway, I really feel like drinking a hot chocolate right now...
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grrr marshmellows are soooo hyper :)
I love the concept
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oh geez this makes me smile.
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this is my favorite! yu have allllooott of talent!
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i love the color composition~
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I love this piece!
Featured here: [link]
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you've been futured here: [link]
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i love it! the only thing is i would have made the drink a darker shade of brown, it looks like it could almost be iced tea or something.
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:XD: yeah it was like watered down milk chocolate so it was a fairly light color
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