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Deviation Spotlight

Deviation Spotlight

Artist // Professional // Varied
  • May 23, 1994
  • Norway
  • Deviant for 13 years
  • She / Her
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My Bio

Need to know, I don't do Art requests. (you may speculate on what I'll do but I'll only do an idea you speculated on, that i like. Those are usually based on the project i am working on in the moment) I only do art Trades if it's mutual, we both need to like each others art style. (AI art is not welcome)

Adoptable were is just something did for fun. Ask for details if you wanna know how the system works. for the ones i got left. Commissions if ever asked for is going to be more expensive and difficult as the government takes TAX on it, and the Postal Fee is also Big. So 2/3-ish of the commission is not being payed to me as the artist. I live in expensive country, there is nothing i can do other than warn you about the huge expense in advance. As I am legally obliged to tell where I gain the money as a measure to prevent tax fraud. Art is Taxed as a luxury goods.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- More Fun things:

my personality test:

OCEAN I'm a O76-C52-E31-A63-N49 Big Five!!

Wildcart (creative type )…

I'm a Ravenclaw and Pukwudgie.

my wand:

Hawthorn wood with Unicorn hair core,

9 ½" in length, Slightly Springy flexibility.

My Patronus is a Fox

Celtic Tree Astrology: Hawthorn - The Illusionist (well no wonder I got a Hawthorn wand).

Zodiac: GEMINI

Chinese Zodiac: Wood Dog

Native American Zodiac :Stag/Deer

Celtic Zodiac: Seahorse

Flower zodiac:Lavender

specific for my birthday; Monday, May 23, 1994…

Birthstone: Emerald

Spirit Animal: Deer

Birth Tree: Chestnut Tree

Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

full info Monday, May 23, 1994 time; 16.56…

I found out about another type of astrology;…

(I'm having way too much fun with these.)

more in detail look up:…

Favourite genres of music: nightcore, electro swing,electro,emfa, trance, deep trance, fantasy trance, erotical trance, movie trance, classic trance, dream trance, Amazon Trance, techno trance, techno, Vocaloid, Neoclassical, Dark ambient, k-pop, pop, nightstep, dubstep, drumstep, urbanstep, nightstyle, hardstyle, house, Electro House, future house, progressive house, hardcore, happy hardcore, dance, indie dance, drum &bass, negative nightcore, daycore,trap, mash-ups, remixes, original (songs) and parody.

:thumb347175896: :thumb346996980:

Favourite Movies
Anything I do fan art for, that's not a friend request.
Favourite TV Shows
Anything I do fan art for, that's not a friend request.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Vocaloid, Daft punk
Favourite Books
the saga of darren shan demonata
Favourite Games
Sims(3/4), Love Nikki
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
At the moment digital art
Ongoing; DP (Discord Project) - On going. (Long terms) WDFJ AU (Ao3) - I've done what I can, got some to help me out scheduled for latest mid- may (long term) Strawberry AU (Art) - 17 characters left (Including Vlad)
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Important to know; Core type is not a limiter of what they can learn to accomplish. As an Ice Core type can use Fire Core-type attacks and the like, It's just going to be harder for them to learn and do. 1 Ice Core - Literal ice, snow, blizzards, and cooling. 2 Water Core - Literal water, ocean/freshwater, rain to tsunami. 3 Earth Core - Literal dirt and things that grow in it, like plants and their properties, herbal healing. 4 Air Core - Wind in all forms, from a light breeze to hurricanes and tornados, propelled flight. 5 Fire Core - Literal fire, embers to wildfires, fire whirls, and heating. 6 Electric Core - Everything from static to thunderstorms. It can control electronics with electrical impulses impacting the item's software. 7 Light Core - Physical light, think hard light, positive things like good luck and good Intent. 8 Dark Core - Physical darkness, negative things like bad luck, but also evil Intent. 9 Ecto Core - Death energy, newly dead
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I've Decided that this coming year 2024, amusing requests is out of the question. In the past i had the policy of hearing people out, but I meant for a pic or two. And I had an experience with it that still has been a mental toll on me. So much so that I now view similar profiles as that person's with suspicion. And I don't really want that. So for my own mental health I've deiced No Requests. You are still encouraged to talk to me about my art and speculate on what i might do next or chat with me about my ideas. But I'll only do ideas that I want to, so I won't say I'm doing the idea as a request. So if I do one it's because i really liked it.
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Hello XxXNightcoreQueenXxX are you there and if so i will like to talk to you if you would hear me out because i was wonderin if you could digitally drawn my request for a png vector of my self insert oc if you don't mind me asking because i'm curious to know and would be honored if you could digitally drawn my request

malice (xelyk quinzel) (my super-villain self insert oc who is the caring 23 year old young adult super-villain brother of harley quinn and brother in law of poison ivy and the last remaining member and remnant of the true organzation 13 aswell a person that has reborn in another universe (the fictional universe) after his death at his neglectful and abusive parents hands) (with those details of what my super-villain avatar oc malice (xelyk quinzel) looks like is that he has the same eye color as king sombra from my little pony friendship is magic and his hair looks like vanitas's black goku like hair from kingdom hearts and his coat looks like the master of masters's coat from kingdom hearts fused with yokai's coat from big hero 6 and the masked figure's coat from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and his mask is basically a fusion of yokai from big hero 6's mask and the masked figure's mask from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and has a red tattoo on the right side of his mask that looks like a scar and my self insert oc is to be digitally drawn in kingdom hearts manga art style and my self insert oc's pose looks like the master of masters pose and my self insert oc shares personality traits from the masked figure from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and yokai from big hero 6 and the master of masters from kingdom hearts and cinder fall from rwby and megatron from transformers armada and shredder from tmnt 2003 and doctor octopus from the ps5 spider-man video game series and the joker from arkham-verse video game series and plankton from spongebob squarepants and zs'scare from ben 10 the original cartoon series/ben 10 omniverse)

I'm sorry I don't take requests anymore . I had to close down request due to cyber bulling.

i understand and i'm sorry for botherin you XxXNightcoreQueenXxX

Hello there! I'm here because you supported me in some way! Gave me a llama, a watch, etc.!

From the bottom of my heart, your support means the absolute world to me, and I wouldn't be here without you! No words can describe how much a single watch or llama can be to me.

May you be blessed with happiness! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Thank you, I'm glad you think so. <3