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The day the whole world went away , huh?
wanted to capture that very scene from his life.

yeah, yeah, i know, it is highly likely that female drells do not have breasts, because they don't really need them... i mean their ermm...offspring don't need them..

but i want to believe @w@
after all, it is science fiction..

don't you even
don't you judge me :[

mass effect 2©BioWare
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I always imagined what a female drell looked like nice job.
MKn1's avatar
Amazing !!!!!!!
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Science Fiction: Means you can take what they give you, shove it out the airlock, and write/create your own :la:
Isn't it grand?:icondummydanceplz:
Tujima's avatar
I think she's a gorgeous drell, and definitely enough to distract a certain...assassin...^__^
Keltarian's avatar
Judging Hard Seungho *Judging You*
Elaihys's avatar
<font><font>pretty drell female ^^ nice !</font></font>
CheshireChaosWolf's avatar
Literally one of my most favorite things! Her expression is perfect and I feel like this is probably how she looked
user-domain-error's avatar
Its perfect! I couldnt of imagined it any other way
WhiteLynx57's avatar
I always wondered what Irikah looked like. Nice capture of her potential image. So colorful and defiant!
SpaceDinosaurzz's avatar
That's really cool!
nexus763's avatar
Looks Sassy, just like Thane described.
TimGrady's avatar
never imagined a female drell would be so atractive
ArinaHinomoto's avatar
I love this ^_^ <3
Danai's avatar
This is just perfect, really!
Hagalaz-Art's avatar
Wow . . . she is just gorgeous.
Really well done :)
N7LucyShep's avatar
This is just amazing. You really did an amazing job with her expression! I love this! :)
nightchildmoonchild's avatar
You captured her defiance perfectly.
DonivanessDoodles's avatar
I love it, Great JOB!!!
Deviant258's avatar
So that is what Thane saw through his scope
MadnessInMayhem's avatar
Very striking and well done!
Gigi-FenixPhoenix's avatar
Hello! This piece has been featured here: [link]
meetmeacrossthesea's avatar
This is so amazing... Words cannot describe my love for this pic. The detail of the scope with the man on the line behind her, her defiant eyes saying "what the hell do you think you are doing?" No wonder Thane fell in love with her, he had probably never been challenged before this. :love:
Although I understand Drell probably do not have breasts, they look really good on her. I really like the yellow skin, I don't think green or blue would fit her.
kyuubifoxlova1994's avatar
I like the idea of them having some kind of breasts. I mean, asari are monogender and they have them, so why not? I just imagine them being very small... Like shepards... poor woman
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