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Aquarius protects me,
He sustains me;
I need nothing else.
I was born to him
To further his values.
Water is my life force.
It will make me
Slender and graceful,
Agile as it is
Washing over obstacles,
The rocks in my path,
To wear them smooth
Like they are nothing.
Air will carry me
On invisible wings
To make me invisible,
Clean and pure,
Ubiquitous and insightful.
This is the first poem I've ever submitted here. Dunno why I'm doing it now, but oh well. It's by no means my first poem, however.

I wrote this just now at work to calm myself down as I felt a panic attack set in. I'm sure you can guess what said attack was about, but we won't get into it here. Aquarius popped into my head for several reasons; for some reason he presented himself as a sort of spirit guide, if you will.
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May 8, 2005
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