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Dark shine BURG theme icons



++ Dark Shine original version [link] ++

This version of Dark Shine extends the icon selection to Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Debian and Puppy. It also updates the Ubuntu icon to 10.04 version and uses a more consistent Windows icon. You have to install BURG and then add the contents of the .zip to /boot/burg/themes in their own folder. Press "t" next time you boot into BURG and select the dark_shine theme.

PD: I've been looking for a Kubuntu icon everywhere on the Internet, but I cannot find the 10.04 version. Please send a PM or leave a comment if you know where I can find one. Thanks.
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Hmm, since I don't use any of the 'buntus, I don't know if Kubuntu and Xubuntu are showing up in BURG as different distros. I understand that the icon is chosen based on the entries on burg.cfg (or is it grub.cfg?). But, does Kubuntu and the others have a distinctive name or are just treated as Ubuntu? Please comment if you know the answer.