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Please read the HOW TO JOIN & RULES before joining. Thanks! :)

Welcome to the JE Fans Artists Club!

Please read ALL RULES AND HOW TO JOIN before joining. PLEASE READ, DON'T SKIM THROUGH them. Thank you! :)

(And I can't stress that enough...really) :stupidme:

:wave: Welcome to the former je-fans-artists club founded on January 18, 2009. We are now a group! :D

Are you a fan of JE? Do you love making JE-related art? If your answer to both questions is yes, then here's the club for you!


MEMBERS (Indexed by fandom)

:bulletred: Who can join?
All JE fans are welcome to join the club. Whether you like to draw, write, or not, as long as you belong to the Johnny's fandom, feel free to join the club! :excited:

:bulletred: How to Join
1. Please read ALL the group's rules before joining (above). Please do not skim. Kindly read with comprehension.
2. Simply click the “Join Group” button on the top at the main club page.
3. Since listing is by fandom, please indicate a favorite group or individual, choose only one. You can change it anytime later if you like, just send me a note. ;)

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Thank you very much. Have fun and enjoy! :D

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Sho Sakurai by Vivi--Art Sho Sakurai :iconvivi--art:Vivi--Art 24 9 Innochi by didihime Innochi :icondidihime:didihime 4 0 Yabu Kouta by dollfacesaori Yabu Kouta :icondollfacesaori:dollfacesaori 2 2 Kamenashi Kazuya by Louisalings Kamenashi Kazuya :iconlouisalings:Louisalings 84 77 Jin Akanishi by Louisalings Jin Akanishi :iconlouisalings:Louisalings 85 92 Hikaru Yaotome by Arizzka Hikaru Yaotome :iconarizzka:Arizzka 0 0 Te wo Tsunaide Yukou by Hanako-Tsukiyama Te wo Tsunaide Yukou :iconhanako-tsukiyama:Hanako-Tsukiyama 1 1 Yaotome Hikaru by smilebomb Yaotome Hikaru :iconsmilebomb:smilebomb 0 11 Sketch 3-Matsumoto Jun by dramaelfie Sketch 3-Matsumoto Jun :icondramaelfie:dramaelfie 12 19 Matsumoto Jun by waterbaypour Matsumoto Jun :iconwaterbaypour:waterbaypour 28 9 Aiba confetti by Karmade Aiba confetti :iconkarmade:Karmade 53 17 Matsumoto Jun by Karmade Matsumoto Jun :iconkarmade:Karmade 25 8 Matsumoto Jun by GalleriM Matsumoto Jun :icongallerim:GalleriM 32 30 Matsumoto Jun by gizelmo Matsumoto Jun :icongizelmo:gizelmo 43 28 Taisuke Fujigaya by Ellywiick Taisuke Fujigaya :iconellywiick:Ellywiick 19 9
The deadline has been reached. Thanks to everyone who participated in this activity. :nod: I hope you all enjoyed it. :aww:

Here are all the questions about the 2013 JE Countdown and the answers:

1) Which one of our beloved JE boys celebrates his birthday on January 1st?
- Koichi Domoto of Kinki Kids. He turned 34 this year.

2) What SMAP song was performed in the Countdown?
- Yozora no Mukou. It was a Countdown special version.

3) Name the three groups that performed outside of the dome.
- TOKIO, Arashi, and Kanjani8. They were at the rooftop of the Tokyo Prince Hotel.

4) There was a typo, a song that had an English title. It was spelled incorrectly on the top left but correctly on the bottom right when the title flashed. What was it?
- Hikaru GENJI's Star Light. It was spelled STAR LIGT.

5) Who is the Musical Academy member that danced backup during V6's song Beat Your Heart?
- Tomoyuki Yara. He's also a member of the junior group Botoukan.

6) In the Countdown, what version of Kisumai's Ai no Beat was performed?
- It was the Dance version.

7) True or False: Kanjani8 performed Sukiyanen Osaka.
- False. The Kansai Juniors did.

8) Who are the two senpais (who debuted in the 80s) that were in the Countdown?
- Masahiko "MATCHY" Kondo & Noriyuki Higashiyama of Shounentai

9) When A.B.C.-Z performed Za ABC ~5stars!, which two members weren't there (they were in other moments of the countdown but not in that particular performance)?
- Shota Totsuka and Koichi Goseki

10) In the previous countdowns, a certain New Year song has been performed but not this year. What is the title of that song?
- Hatsu Uta

11) Who were the 2 performers that made ad libs in the middle of the song? (CLUES: One promoted his butai and the other is a former member of a group but is now performing solo. I hope your download had English subs...^^;)
- Hideaki Takizawa/TACKEY and Tomohisa Yamashita/YAMAPI. Tackey promoted his butai in the first part of Ai Kakumei where he was supposed to be doing the monologue. Yamapi, along with Kis-My-Ft2, said "we love you/aishiteruze" to fans after the chorus of Ai Tekisasu.

12) Which group had a song medley in the Countdown?
- Kinki Kids. They celebrated their 15th anniversary last year and this was a 15th anniversary medley. The songs were: Garasu no Shounen, Ai no Katamari, and Swan Song.

13)  Yuto Nakajima tap danced to the tune of which JE song?
- Truth by Arashi
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