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When the Rules Change
The room hummed with suppressed tension. People talking in hushed tones to each other and some on land-line phones. One of the doors opens and the room hushes everyone stands. A man in a suit walks in and seats himself at the head of the table. All but one person, at the other end of the table, sits. “Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, Todays emergency briefing is to summarize the events of the last six hours so that we, as a government, can begin developing an approach to deal with, ah, this. I turn over the briefing to Dr. Logan. He is on the NASA team that originally saw, when they believe, the cause.” The man nervously looks around.  “And he has a theory on what this is as well, Dr. Logan?”
A rather mousy man stood up in an ill-fitted suit and with nervous glances around the room took two steps to stand at the head of the table. On the far end the President just nodded, clearly a “get on with it” signal. The lights dimmed and a projection
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Scene: Tracy Pickin' (Rubber Brush, already TF)
Bob heard a swear word echo around the corner. It wasn’t loud, not even too expressive. More like a by-product….
Bob walked slowly to the intersection of the halls and peeked around the corner and smiled. The Doc’s latest apprentice / lab assistant was busy crouched by one of the doors. It looked like her hands were all black, and she had jammed one of her fingers into the door knob, to the middle knuckle.
He watched her as she swore again, removed the one finger, which looked like a lockpick, and inserted her middle one. She stopped moving and un-hunched a bit, bob leaned back out of sight. After hearing a sigh and another one of “The Seven Words that Can’t Be Said on Television” he heard her begin on the doorknob again.
Carefully Bob settled himself and began thinking of nothing.  Tracey’s latent psi ability might just pick him up again if it wasn’t for his ‘Nothing Thought’ a shallow but effective meditative state. It
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Mature content
Scene: A Spy Escapes (First draft, slight TF) :iconjdworth:JDWorth 4 0
Mature content
First Draft: Tracy: Clothes2 and RB :iconjdworth:JDWorth 2 0
Mature content
1st Draft: Tracy: Clothes and Rubber Brush :iconjdworth:JDWorth 7 7
1st Draft: Tracy and Boot:Rubber Brush
Tracy walked into her apartment to find a stack of magazines on her coffee table in front of the two-seater -couch. She didn’t so much as sit and flop down into the couch, across both seats and land with her head on the well  padded arm. She wasn’t tired, exactly, it was just… so…monotonous, cleaning up the various labs after Doc and Bob. She leaned over to grab the rubber-banded bundle of magazines, only just noting the sticky note on the front. “Tracy, Please use these magazines as inspiration to make yourself clothing using the Rubber Brush.”
Tracy frowned in thought, ‘make clothing with the brush? But wouldn’t that make me naked? Sorta?’ She pulled the rubber band off the magazines and started sorting them. Half were about fashion, half were actually the quarterly catalogs of clothing distributers. One was just titled Shoes, Boots N Booties. ‘What the heck are booties?’
‘Ohhh, those are booties. Hmmm.
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Realization - a note.
I am almost done with Page three of Tracy.RBClothes and I have had a realization that I must put down before it slips away.
The nature of the writer if TF fiction is that due to the content of the TF,  we are pushing our characters into a movement that is growth related. Many of the authors I read here that write TFfiction, many by design, a few by accident, put their character into transformative situations to force growth of some kind.  This growth can be literal, like the Venn machines, remote control, or other ‘device’ that causes external change where the character then is forced to re-evaluate and explore their new ‘self.’
There is also the exploration and growth caused by a character being/becoming powerful, ruling over others with something that causes change.
I have long been a fan of Nate-Walis, DKFenger, and relatively new (to me) Prender, Grapehyacinth and Clancy688. There are a huge amount of authors, but those are who stands out in my hea
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Mature content
Notes, outlines and ideas :iconjdworth:JDWorth 1 2
First Draft: Tracy and Claws: Rubber Brush.
Note: Need to re-align the “rubber brush” stories with different set of character names than the ‘Realms‘ stories. Not sure which Tracy should stay in…
With bowl and brush in her hands she made her way to her room. Bob had finally ‘turned her loose’ to work with the brush on her own.
Tracy grinned with barely contained glee, she had SO many ideas. She rolled her eyes remembering Bob’s admonishment of only a minute ago, “If we don’t see you for a while, I’ll come around and undo what ever trouble you get yourself into.” A snort made it past her quiet laughter, Yeah right, I’ll get into and out of trouble like always, on my own.
Closing the door to her rooms behind her she looks around, still amazed, at the space that the Doc had given her. After JuvyDetention, where you only had a twenty by ten room with bed and toilet/sink unit, shared with another person who you pretty much had to either
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Mature content
Draft: Hunter :iconjdworth:JDWorth 2 0
Gene-Mod Universe - The beginning
The main presentation hall of the Science Expo is abuzz with rumor and speculation. It's standing room only and the only reason the doors are closed is because the organizer of the expo was smart enough to install repeater screens across the whole Expo, and setup a direct feed to one of the Hotel's in-house channel’s next door.
Today is the day rumor would be confirmed or dispelled, dreams made possible or destroyed. Allot of hope floated around the crowd, many people in the room were not complete. Victims of war, accidents, or illness. Missing limbs, disfigured bodies. Yet everyone present had a smile, a spark in their eyes. A breathless anticipation.
Clearly: Hope has power. The room was filled with it.
The stage is littered with screens large and small, each of them showed a static logo: Gene-Mod
A lone man in a suit comes on stage to riotous applause. He is clearly both embarrassed and excited, he waves simply by putting a hand up and nodding. Pats his chest, nods with a sm
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Going to the Eye Emporium
Newlyweds Tracy and Isaac settled into their seats on the semi-ballistic passenger plane along with the other 500 or so people headed to Europe. Tracy’s excitement for their honeymoon was dimmed a little by the method she was getting there. She looked at Isaac as he settled in and put the four-point harness around his torso. “Are you SURE we couldn’t take a slow skanky DC1500 to Europe?” she wheedled with a grin.
He knew it was far too late, that his wife was performing what she called her “wifely duties” by nagging him about impossible things. “Sure, how about you take the skanky flight, and I’ll stay on this one. Once you arrive, I’ll have already have checked us in to the B&B, and have a six hour nap under my belt.” Even though she was trying to keep it light-hearted, the flutter in her belly kept going.
Once they and the rest of the passengers were buckled in, Tracy’s flutter went into high gear. She reached for his
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Mature content
Angela and Trav (TF/TG) :iconjdworth:JDWorth 1 0
Mature content
Bio Response: JAMSS Scene Idea (1st draft, 1/14) :iconjdworth:JDWorth 2 0
JAMSS Pool Scene.
Tracey woke curled comfortably at the bottom of the pool. In the few months of practice this was the first time she had fallen asleep fully transformed into what she called ‘Rubber Chick’ mode. This time for her change practice it wasn’t about concentrating on the form and changing, she was learning how to manage multiple limbs.
She shifted a little, moving each of her eight sucker lined limbs, relishing in the feel of them sliding along, sticking herself to the pool floor, and maneuvering her body so she could look up out of the twenty-five foot deep Olympic sized pool. She had kept her arms and most of her torso but just used the Rubber Brush to make her rubber, but from the waist down her modification was radical, she was a rubber octopus, except for where the mouth normally would reside. Tracey had reflected a moment and made that area ‘sucker central.’ Each limbs suckers swirled to join under her hips where they met in a close circle. She took a seate
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Mature content
Gene-Mod 1: Gina and Lillian - Introduction. :iconjdworth:JDWorth 0 0


United States
Writing stories that push comfort levels, and imagination.

I am always amazed at the talent and skills of the people I see on this site.
So after around ten years of angst, despair and (self) hate, then ten more years of asking the question "could I be?" I finally had a "Come To Realization" a few months back...early summer. I am transgender. My interest in transformation fiction (in part) was/is about the wishful thinking that *I* wanted to change. 
And now I am. I have been on HRT for a few months now. I am fully out to all of my "Inner Circle" and none of them has taken this poorly. It's actually been amazing to have friends and Family that accepted and supporting me/my decision, (Work was like: OK, no problem. Keep up the great work!) and are rolling with my new goals. 
I'm am doing this way late in life, I'm nearing the 50 year-old mark. But I believe the inner/mental relief to be gained is more than enough to bear any kind of social stigma/repercussion I may get. 
Now that my life is "On Track," I fully expect to begin writing again. I'll be focusing on two lines/products: a set of follow-on shorts for the intro I last posted [When the Rules Change] , and building a good plot line for The Realms Books (working title?) which I have dabble in and posted here as well. [where the characters: Aeia, Doc and Bob appear.]

For fans and others following / interested - thank you for your patience.

JD or Jai-Dee :)
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