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WIP The Ghost And The Rose FIN


They do not work :) ...yet.

Well the X button is meant to quit the application and if this wasn't presented on dA, your whole screen would've gone black if you had the the flash package on your comp!

I haven't worked out how to make the scene selection work yet, but I will find it out....later.

Extra features...I'll finish that later :)

Hello all!


5+ weeks in the making and the last week and a half of all nighters, 20+ cups of coffee and 6 cans of red bull on the last 48 hours before hand in date, I'VE DONE IT.


I'm not happy with the interactive flash stuff atm, and there are a few things I need to patch up with the final movie, aka that black border bit. Why why whyyyy did you just disappear at the end?!

Anyway *ahem*, I have mixed feelings about the last scene as I was in a rush to finish this for the deadline. Hence the lack of colour but after watching it I started to like it a bit more in the way that the Ghost didn't really "see" any colours anymore. I know the animation got really static too but I was planning on working on that XD.

And...DAMN I FORGOT TO ADD IN THE VERY LAST SCENE. It's not much but I'll do it later...twill make the story/movie complete mwaha.

So basically I handed in the flash project with the ';play feature' section and that's it.

I liked the fact that I waited for 2 hrs to wait for the other half of my class to finish their workshop session because a lot of them helped me do the interactive part yay! Problem is I showed them my production log/sketchbook then they held my laptop for blackmail and told me to hand in my sketchbook to my teacher...which I did in the end. Nay! D:

So....I can't actually finish the extra features section until I get back my week. BUM.


Also, I've posted a very high quality version of the movie onto youtube, go watch now! [link] It should be the latest vid, dA is a bit silly for turning the = p (w/o spaces) into a =p .

Thanks everyone! :rose:
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MissLunaRose's avatar
This is so beautiful... both the story and your music... I love the storytelling.
JDWasabi's avatar
Thank you!! Well it's really old work and still cringe at the cheesy-ness of it but I have to start somewhere right? XD

Thanks for the lovely comment :hug:
Naudi's avatar
you should make a manga out of this :D hehe
JDWasabi's avatar
Cool! I'm considering it making it a semi-animated graphic novel...but manga is also similar so that'll be ace. Thanks for checking it out ^__^.
cos22's avatar
wow....that was EPIC!
i love ur animation!
it's so awesome for a flash animation, probably one of the best i've seen~

man, u'r my inspiration now!
JDWasabi's avatar
Wow...thank you for the kind comment :happycry: *happy tear* :')
JaeXD's avatar
That is pretty awesome.

Congrats Jade, I'll buy you a mango smoothie one day for your efforts.
JDWasabi's avatar
Lol, 3 days worth of no sleep and I get a mango smoothie?! It better be the best mango smoothie ever! Thanks Jae!
JaeXD's avatar
Hey, mangos are a form of currency in my homeland so show some respect.


Ok so thats a lie.

I'll make it a large smoothie.
thegypsy-v1's avatar
Each time it is better. And have I mentioned how much I love the music?
JDWasabi's avatar

Thanks! I know that the final product will deviate from the original story boards due to time constraints and the fact that it takes a good few hours to draw each element in each scene T_T but I hope when peeps watch it, they'll get the story and not mind so much that it's drawn very badly in areas :D.

Now that I'm slowly getting the hang of this, I think I shall start making more short movies/animations to go with my other music. This will sound a bit silly but I always seem to have a strong image for some sort of story that seeps into my mind whenever I write music ^-^.

If you're interested, I shall put a download link for the music :)

Thanks again! :hug:
thegypsy-v1's avatar
Hmmmm... that would be: *yes*!!! I'd love to pop it into the rotation I listen to when making things.
JDWasabi's avatar
I've messaged you the download link just now.

I hope you like it :D
thegypsy-v1's avatar
Love it. Thanks again!
JDWasabi's avatar
You're welcome! :D
NitroDragonTrigger's avatar
totally awesoem so how long does it take you to do these?
NitroDragonTrigger's avatar
totally awesoem so how long does it take you to do these?
JDWasabi's avatar
A few hours per scene....I'm such a perfectionist.

A few layers for the bg, another few for each different character in the scene. I change the line art slightly for the 'animation' effects and tween them in flash into one another.

Thanks for taking an interest :D
NitroDragonTrigger's avatar
anytime Dont worry am a perfectionist as well hehe =D
artot's avatar
JDWasabi's avatar
Hey long time no see! Thanks!
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