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Hungry Whispers Teaser Demo

Edit III: I hope everyone's enjoyed playing this [beta] teaser demo! One final update for this deviation: I have a new group dedicated to this project!


If anyone's interested in contributing to this project, you now can! As members of the group submitting ideas,concept art anything can only make the project better and grow (adequate credit will be due of course). If you contribute loads, I don't see why you can't join the official team too!

If you'd rather just be kept up to date with what we're doing and how close we are to completion, I recommend just watching us ;D. We're always on the looking for beta testings anyway ^-^.

I hope to see this project to full completion and I know I can't do it by myself. Let's all work together to see whether we can pull it off! :p

Thanks all! :love:

Edit II: Playable offline demos are now up! Feedback/comments/whatever (no nasties though) are appreciated and rewarded with llamas if i haven't already given you one :heart:
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Edit I: (Already?!) Since this is my class project, this teaser isn't completely perfected yet so there may be minor glitches and spelling/grammatical mistakes here and there. Not such much of a puzzle element just yet but once ~flippinmental and I work out just how to program more complex puzzles you can't actually 'lose' in this demo. The focus of this demo was to create an immersive (yet creepy) game environment through the use of music/sound :)

You have two options available to you when you click on the items in your inventory: the hand and eye icons. The eye exams the item and Yu will give a brief description, while using the hand icon will allow you to click and drag the item to a desired destination on the screen.

I would also liked to add that clicking anywhere on the screen will automatically move the dialogue along /edit I.

Playing with headphones/earphones at a suitable level is highly recommend as there are details within the demo that would be lost without these! 8D

Not every life ends pleasantly and not every person gets remembered....

Death is a hard thing to handle, especially when you are the cause of it. Following the death of a young patient, Yu Ling has been given indefinite leave to recoup. Travelling home from a family reunion for GHOST MONTH the journey takes an unexpected turn. Yu’s sister Kemi disappears after investigating a mysterious man but is soon also the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Something foul is afoot and it is determined to stop Yu from helping his sister. Will he save her and himself from the Shadows before the Hell Gates close?
- ~ThelightonSaturday

Well...what do you know.
The Hungry Whispers teaser demo project is complete(ish) and while it's still technically a beta, Team Wasabi and I reached our first milestone and I proudly present a fully working teaser demo.

This project is really a personal experimental project for my final major at university. I wanted to develop my skills as a musician writing music and sound design for an interactive environment; the chosen medium being a horror based visual novel.

I believe that there are many things the visual medium cannot communicate to a player yet the soundscape can (and vice versa but that's another story).

I am now going to attempt to write the majority of the main creditors here (this will be properly updated at a later date) as it's 4:22am and I have to submit this properly for my course, so this may undergo major editing at some point XD.

:iconjdwasabi: :iconflippinmental: :iconlubrian: :iconcelark: :iconnitrodragontrigger: :iconthelightonsaturday: :iconmongoose3-14:

Special thanks:
:iconnekoflamealchemist: for the medical advice lol.
:iconmeanpete:, :iconwacky-w: for contributing artwork 8D
:iconblackwolfsoul: :iconjigokusister95: :iconokirose: :iconrandomrobskii: :iconsenshi912: for moral support! :dummy:

I shall upload some 'Makings of' at some point so let me know if anyone's interested! I shall pretty it up for dA use XD.

Thanks everyone .... :iconcryforeverplz:

I will upload .exe and .app versions onto mediafire to download for offline play. I shall get to that soon.

You can also listen to the tracks that I wrote for the project on my Sound Cloud.

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I think its broken. I clicked the arrow again to see if I could go further.........nothing happened
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There are spelling/ grammar mistakes here and there (like 'feeing' instead of feeling,) and when I click on the book shelf (When we get back from having a glass of water on the train,) and click yes, the text goes by to fast for me o be able to read it properly. Do you think you could fix that with a 'next page' button like at the beginning cut scene?
JDWasabi's avatar

I won't fix or update this demo since it's already 4 years old and too complicated to be worth revisiting. However I've noted the user issue you've highlighted and I'll keep it in mind for my next prototype.

Cheers :)
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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D
LilithStar1210's avatar
Can't wait till the actual game comes out!
JDWasabi's avatar
Getting there! You can catch more random updates on our social media if you're interested! I'm always on the look out for dedicated game testers when the time comes ^_^…
LilithStar1210's avatar
Thanks! And I'd love to!
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Thanks for the Like/Follow! We'll hopefully have a new demo out soon :)
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Really quite good. The intro still freaks me out with that fake-out jump-scare. And the drawing mechanic which I'm assuming, for some reason, is going to resurface in the future is also interesting. Can imagine that having some unnerving and intense possibilities. Not quite sure if I actually got to the end of the demo, at some point though it just felt like I couldn't advance anymore. But overall, besides a few typos, this game flowed very well. The dialogue could use a bit of polishing as well but I'm sure you'll be handling that in the future without my advice :D

Looking forward to future updates! Thanks for the game!
JDWasabi's avatar

You've pretty much got all the issues raised bang on! I'm glad that you're finding the intro freaky as that is my main strength and focus! Sadly not my writing but now that I've a small team of writers working on that so I've faith that our next demo will be much better script wise!

No no, many thanks for taking the time to play through the game and the watch! Your support means a lot to me and Team Wasabi ^___^

11WolfAngel's avatar
the ending freaked the heck out of me :scared:  Awsome work keep going :D
JDWasabi's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:

We're slowly working towards a full version at :iconjdwasabi-studios: , so keep an eye out if you're interested :)
11WolfAngel's avatar
will do thanks for the info
Digiridoo's avatar
Duude. Just dude. it was 1:14 am and I hadn't slept for days and then I stumble across this! I had nightmares. With that ending, man. I sleep next to a window and that little bit with the shadow really got to me man.

Amazing work to have such an impact on me with just the demo.
JDWasabi's avatar
Doooode! :iconprinnyplz:

Oh my! Sorry for the nightmares ^ ^;; (but that's still awesome 8DDDD I work being impressionable out of dA? Truly honoured!)

Thank you for the kind comment, it means so much to myself and the team who worked on this! We're currently working on beta version 2 if you're interested, at :iconjdwasabi-studios: It uses a new engine, refined gameplay, typos fixed, new artwork and more ^_^.

I really value your feedback - thanks again for taking the time to comment on our work. Have a great day (minus the nightmares!) :)
Child-of-Minerva's avatar
I'm interested XD If this comes around to completion, definitely will think about playing it.
JDWasabi's avatar
-shot for late reply :iconpapplz:

We're very slowly getting there! Not sure when it'll be 'completed' but we'll be there one day! Thanks for the interest, I hope you'll enjoy it :D :hug:
Child-of-Minerva's avatar
No worries :)
And I'm not putting any pressure on you guys. Just keep working on it :)
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Wow, that was amazing~ °-°
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