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Hungry Whispers OP PREVIEW



Featured here. Thank you :iconamondemon: :heart:

EDIT 4: Whoops forgot to add the link but [link] is the full teaser demo. How the hell did I forget to link the final demo from this OP preview I've no clue! >_>. Enjoy!

A note from the creator:

Hungry Whispers is an experimental project in combining a variety of creative mediums, particularly that of audio-visual practices in the horror genre with a mixture of interactivity.

I always thought that it would be cool to read a comic and to physically hear what is happening within a scene. The bone crunch of a punch, the pattering of rain and to music mirroring or contrasting a character's mental state.

Having an addition of sound adds another layer of communication for readers in the audio-visual world, similar to that of film music theory. However, it has to adapt in game and interactive environments due to users being in control of their own pacing and choosing. While the idea of an animated/interactive comic strip has been done before, I am still highly interested in incorporating it into my works.

As a musician focusing on the audio-visual, I decided to create a graphic adventure game to showcase my creative endeavours. Above all else, I'd really like to write music for games as well as being strongly involved in a project ... So I decided to make my own game. As the sole director, writer and all things audio related, I am in control of building this game world and constructing all its scares.

I hope you will enjoy ...

Director, Audio/Art Lead, Editor, Writer

And I believe that the Opening for HW is done. I can't tell if it's 'creepy' anymore compared to the other beta uploads but I'll take a break and come back to it in due time.

I might take off the first bit of animation, I can't seem to get it working well with the rest of the scene but I'll leave it there to let peeps have a look at it XD.

I'm liking the flicker and jitter effects that I've managed to put in and I've tweaked the audio a bit.

Mute/volume buttons will be in the final thing and if I can ever work out how to fix the text discrepancy I will but so far no dice :(. If you're a Flash expert please point in the right direction in how I can fix this please?

The actual game is currently in the making so this is just the opening. I hope this will generate some interest at least!

==>If you're a fan of games like Phoenix Wright/Hotel Dusk and Asian Horror then this game may be for you!<==

Any typos/bugs please let me know!

Comments welcome!

Edit: If it doesn't load, please refresh the browser. Pre-loaders will be in the final product >_<

Edit 2: I'm overwhelmed at the positive responses of this so far! Thank you for the interests, feedback and faves! Really wasn't expecting the 50+ worth of msgs for comments and faves...thank you to everyone who has bothered to check this out! Guess I'll write a bit more of the game description here...:

Yu is a medical nurse who recently suffered a nervous breakdown. During his collapse which severely handicapped his trauma team they were unable to save a child during a trama call.

Upon his arrival back home from a brief respite during the 'Hungry Ghost Month' not only does he find that his sister is a murder suspect, she is also missing. While Yu tries to save her, he can't help but notice the creeping shadows that start to surround him...

Yes I suck at writing blurbs. Enjoy either way!
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The bit where the woman turned around creeped me out. But this is amazing.