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LAST UPDATE (December 2nd)

Welp, this is more for me than anything else. A list of all the projects and drawings I'm working on or I have plans for.

Doing now:
- Icon requests for friends. (Status: CLOSED, I'll be the one offering you the icons for practice purposes)
- Hunter (digital version, 25% done)

To start:
- Megakat City Stories 02 - It's very effective! (digital version)
- Megakat City Stories 04 (sketch, still an idea)
Fun with the R.Y.N.O. (full version)
- Lots of sketches to redraw in digital.

In progress:
- SWAT Kats emojis (Requests: CLOSED - ON HOLD)
- Megakat City Stories 03 (sketch, 15% done) (not on my gallery yet)
- R.T.T.W. project (sketch version: background 100%, characters 25%)
J.R.H.T. (digital version, 70%)

To revisit:
Cyberspace (add details, change color scheme)
- Night at the port (add shadows, some lights and a few missing details)
- Megakat Wrestling Simulator: Callie VS Dark Kat (shadows and some backgound details)

Someday... someday I'll finish them all!
Just that. Will begin at 5:00AM (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Feel free to join and say hi!
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So, my everyday at home is a hell, and all thanks to my parents. They are so fucking selfish that they doesn't even realize how annoying they are being with me. They don't care about me anymore, just them!!! Since I got my job as a gardener, I though I could finally be more independent and that that would make them more nicer around me... but as other things I did before, it just made it worse! My time is for them, my money is for them, MY FUCKING LIFE IS FOR THEM!!!!! I can't hold it anymore!!! So for now on, I will do as they with me. I won't care about them anymore and just ignore. I will end with my job's contract till the end and find another job right after, save money and just go away from this hell I must call home. The fuck with them!

Or at least, that's what I want... I don't know if I'll be able to soon enough, but I will become crazy if I stay here much longer, so I'll start looking for somewhere to live, far away from here. I have already some ideas, and I can also remember a few offers a friend gave me long ago, so it's a start. I can't leave anyway till my job contract ends on September, it'll give me some saves for a start. I just hope I find a good job at my new place, enought to live at the minimum.

Anyway... I need to evade these thoughs for a while, so I'll try to do frecuent streams from now on. Feel free to join and say hi. Also, if anyone is playing any game I have, It would be nice to join you. Anything to keep my mind busy while I'm still here.

First stream will be tomorrow at 4:30AM (UTC/GMT +2 hours.

See you, and sorry for the rant. I just needed to throw the shit out of me.

So, this last week I got extremely busy... Not only it's my last 2 weeks of theory lessons at work, but I've been more on the street that last year overall. Things get worse if we are taking tests almost every day at work (which one fail will mean not getting the professional certificate for a chance of a permanent job there). I'm just stressed out ᶘ uᴥu"ᶅ And thinking of my birthday coming next week too isn't helping (I hate celebrations, things said).

Anyway, I still manage to get a little time to get in contact with an old friend and join him on a zombie survival last saturday. It was freaking amazing! Tho it was very small compared with which he said was the last one he assisted to (a complete village!). It was done at Europe Park, a gymkhana like event. We were to choose a starting monument and follow some clues from there, while dodging zombies in the moonlight. We were able to complete it within one of three hours left, first place! An incredible experience indeed that I shall repeat ᶘ *ᴥ*ᶅ

Now, regarding to the present, I have plans to start streaming my digital drawing, as well as maybe some PC games. The plan was to start doing it officialy by this weekend, but now I'm not completely sure cos what I said at the beggining of the journal. I want so bad to draw... but I don't know how much time I'll have, if any. So no promises for now. Anyway, here is the link to my channel:

Feel free to join, follow, like, fave or whatever that web allows you to follow my every single action LOL

And finally, Persona 5.
Seriously, this game is a master piece! I just go through the first ending dialog madness and I even being able to predict everything that was going to happen, I couldn't close my mouth in awe! And still I can see this is not leading to the good ending yet... I don't want to sleep. HELP! ᶘ xᴥxᶅ

Anyway, I should get going to bed... so see ya soon! And stay tune! I have some submissions to upload and there is the possibility for a stream :3 I'll try to announce it at least a day before if I do it.

G'night, meow!
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Basically, today I started my old computer (I bought a new one last month) and seems like my hard drive (700Gbs of data stored, slow as heck) has given me a warning of inminent death. I haven't been able to copy all the data from it to my new computer yet since the only way is to do with an external 16gb USB, and that woult take years doe to how slow are both, the USB and the hard drive. So... as I won't start again that computer until I can get my hands on a new external hard drive, I can't continue with my digital drawings. I expect this to not last more than a month, but my time is limited (so is my ability to move through the city) so I don't know when I'll have it... I just hope the hard drive lasts until then, it's not going to be used after all...

Anyway, I am lately very in the mood for drawing, so at least there will be more tradicional works on the way :3 (Yay! More projects for the "going digital" list! ᶘ xᴥxᶅ) And also a secret Swat Kats project that I'm not going to reveal until is full in digital.

See ya! ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ
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So, I created a Twitter account just to follow @TheSWATKats during the last saturday's livestream. Now I'm stuck with it and feel obliged to do something with it.... Thanks @TheSWATKats! ᶘ ¬ᴥ¬ᶅ

Anyway, I'm using it right now and will probably post some random (or not so random) things there, including new in-progress drawings that I won't be uploading here or in FurAffinity (I mean very rough sketches or partially colored drawings). So, follow me if you feel so and you're interested :3

Stay cool! ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ
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Some things have happened lately:

- My camera screwed all photos I took at Expomanga Heroes 2016 Madrid, no reasons.
- My mother's phone has a camera that sucks.
- My phone has a camera but it's one of those Nokia rocks that no matter how hard you throw them to the floor, never breaks. Yeah, very useful...
- My father's scanner is broken.
- My sister got a new mobile phone with a DECENT camera...

This means I'll finally be able to get some decent photos of my pencil drawings! Expect all my actual sketches to be updated with more quality ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ
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Even as I hate so much the drawing program I'm using for digital pieces (Gimp2) and I'm currently looking for a good paid program and even a drawing tablet, I still want to continue drawing in the meanwhile. Today was the first day I just feel the NEED to draw something and after a while it turned to be my first sketch of a story that I've been keeping in my head for ages... So here is the thing: I'm officialy a non Swatkats-only artist anymore :3 The galery folders for my new drawings are already there, expect more information about this big (and I mean BIG) project as I upload drawings about it (look at their descriptions!). Oh, and this means I finally have an OC! ᶘ *ᴥ*ᶅ

That's all, meow! Regards, and stay cool! ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ
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Hi, everyone!

So, there is this petition out there gathering signs for Netflix to take SWAT Kats back! The Tremblay Brothers have announced this a few ours ago too and there is a possibility that Netflix is their next studio to aproach for the show! Let's lend a hand and help them singing the petition and spreading the word!…

Thanks guys, and stay cool! ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ
Howdy, meow~!

Yep! I finally made an account there. Gonna be uploading everything there withing the month.
And don't worry, I'm not leaving deviantart, I'll be uploading everything in both websites. And... that's all!…

Regards, and stay cool! ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ

Pd: Best first journal ever, an ad.
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