Poem for Kay

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By jdoem
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Without a care for gratitude,
the sun bestows its light upon the world.
The tiny seed, seeking its warmth,
grows from the darkness to spread in its bounty.
The blossoms swell, and, inspired by the sun, return the favor,
providing breath for the rest of creation.
Knowing the sun is unaware, but better for its presence,
the plant turns upward, and wearing its love, smiles.

Names changed to protect the guilty. ;P Part of a project I will load as soon as I've delivered it. For now... this is what you get. :D
© 2018 - 2020 jdoem
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This is really quite lovely! :love:!! (and also, it makes me think of my second favorite flower, which is the sunflower! :heart: )

Nice writing, Mr. Hallmark. :aww:!! :heart:!!!
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:huggle: Thank you, I hope she likes it.
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How could she not.  Reading it again, with a fresh mind from sleep, glorious sleep...this is Amazingly deep.  And telling.  Wow. :heart:!!!
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I hope so. I really hope it stirs something in her.
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I think it will. But not until she's home and can read it again a few times... I think things will begin to sink in.
Most women look for "between the lines" meanings to things. (it's just IN us) :lol:
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If she keeps it...
If that's right, then she already knows because of the water. Or if not, she should have a good idea. :D
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Oh course she knows "because of the water" ( yes, I meant to use the quotation marks this time ^^ )

But she'll put it together more, pondering over it... And she'll see how bright your mind is... surely to be a turn on.
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I just hope it means something to her.
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