Modern Native Americans in Cinema
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Songs My Brothers Taught Me was first introduced at last year's Sundance Film Festival in Utah, then traveled to the Cannes Film Festival in France.  The film, in which [Irene] Bedard is Co-executive producer and portrays the role of Lis Winters [a single mother] is, according to Bedard, the story of a young boy and girl from the Pine Ridge Reservation and the struggles that they face.

''The entirety of the film is meant to help people understand why someone wouldn't leave the Rez.  A lot of people have asked me, 'Well, if it's so hard to find jobs, why don't you just leave?' The film answers that question.''

Conceived by Chloé Zhao, the film was four years in the making, during which time the Chinese-born writer and director lived on the Rez. ''As I became friends with some of the Lakota people living there, I became increasingly intrigued and almost envious of the deep connection they have to their homes, families, communities and their land,'' said Zhao.

''This bone-deep attachment also has its consequences, and over time I also became aware of the various struggles and isolation they face because of it.  In many ways I made Songs to explore this question – How do you leave the only place you've ever known?''

Indian Country Today Media Network

''Just to elaborate, I am very pleased with the film 'The Revenant,' in both the respectful manner in which they portrayed Native American culture and in the beautiful manner in which the film was shot.

''I am also very pleased with the work done by Leonardo DiCaprio in his work with the Indigenous Peoples of the World, his work with the UN and in his work on behalf of Mother Earth.

''And although I would like to encourage the same respectful treatment from Hollywood in respect to Indigenous People, it is ultimately up to us as Native American producers to tell our stories our way, and to do so in a professional, positive and entertaining manner that will encourage the whole world to watch.''

Irene Bedard

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