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Just putting it out there here and now:

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We Are Overwatch! Meme 02
With the reveal of Baptiste and the merging the two roles Offense and Defense, I decided to redo this meme once more:

  • D.Va
  • Orisa
  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog
  • Winston
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Zarya

  • Ashe
  • Bastion
  • Doomfist
  • Genji
  • Hanzo
  • Junkrat
  • McCree
  • Mei
  • Pharah
  • Reaper
  • Soldier 76
  • Sombra
  • Symmetra
  • Torbjörn
  • Tracer
  • Widowmaker

  • Ana
  • Baptiste
  • Brigitte
  • Lúcio
  • Mercy
  • Moira
  • Zenyatta

Once again, have fun! Fill in each spot with a character you think would fit!

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"Out of my way, doormat!" Sunset Shimmer snapped as she pushed a pink-haired, yellow-skinned girl from behind, causing her to drop her books. "Honestly, just because you like to pretend you're invisible doesn't mean you're not still a hindrance!"

"S-s-s-sorry..." The girl stuttered as she started picking up her books.

Sunset Shimmer scoffed as she stormed through the halls, her two cronies Snips and Snails trailing behind her and snickering at the girl's misfortune.

"Yeah you tell her Sunset!" Snips remarked.

"You showed her!" Snails told her, which made Sunset smirk. It didn't do anything to make her anger go but it did satisfy her ego.

"She's just a nobody who needs to remember her place." Sunset replied. "Snot nosed bitch."

"Look who's talking…" A familiar male voice muttered behind her, while not intentionally loud enough to draw attention to himself, Sunset had good enough hearing to pick up on whenever someone was badmouthing her.

"What was that?!" She snapped, turning to give whoever had the audacity to talk down to her a piece of her mind... only to catch a glimpse of blue hair as the individual made himself scarce, evidenced by the door slamming shut.

"Oh dear, someone else has the balls to stand up to the Mighty Sunset. Oh the world is going to end!"

Sunset just gritted her teeth as she turned to see a familiar and unwelcome sight. A cyan blue girl wearing a leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders and black boots. Her shirt was just plain white but her truly distinguishing feature was her rainbow hair. "Miss me, Sunny Bitch?"

"Oh look who it is, the walking gay pride parade." Sunset quipped, earning a handful of snickers from Snips and Snails. "Did you really take a break from screwing that birdbrain girlfriend of yours just to see me? I'm touched."

"Funny. You actually still using THOSE two idiots as bodyguards?" Rainbow asked. Snips tried to say something but made the mistake of pointing at Dash. She grabbed his finger and bent it to where it pointed back at him. "Sorry, you were trying to say something you weak little coward? Gonna run and hide behind Sunset? I don't blame you. But don't come crawling to me if she doesn't save you."

Sunset simply rolled her eyes as Snips squealed in pain. "So did you just come here to flaunt your overcompensating ego? Or were you actually hoping that going for the "slutty dyke" look would actually make me fall for you?"

A split second after she said that she immediately found herself catching Rainbow's fist inches away from her face. Despite this, she didn't lose her cool. "Now, now, let's not lose our temper. You do remember that would have been the last time you decided to start a fight, don't you?" She smirked arrogantly as Snips fell to the ground nursing his fingers and Snails slowly backed away.

"Like you actually fight your battles, you always have a couple of goons to back you up. The way you let all that anger ride you? You're nothing more than a little pre-schooler crying cause her mommy and daddy love the new kid more than you." Rainbow told her and saw her eye wide with rage. "Aw did I hit a nerve, Sunny Bitch?" Rainbow said as she yanked her fist back. "See ya on the flip side." She said as she walked back to Gilda, who was wearing a brown jacket, a white scarf, white shirt, blue pants that were slightly torn, and light brown shoes.

A lot of scenarios are going through Sunset's mind at that moment, most of which involved brutally beating that arrogant bitch to an inch of her life. 'How DARE she! The nerve of that little-'

"That's right, you'd better run!" Snails yelled, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Next time you better think before-"

"Before what? You cower in the nearest locker while fatso squeals like a useless pig?!" Sunset snapped, turning her attention to the two boys.

"Well um... w-what we meant was-"

"You two are... UTTERLY useless! You never did a single thing right in all the time you joined me and have only made things WORSE!" Sunset yelled at them. "Can you two do ANYTHING right?!"

"W-well.... w-we got you out of trouble that one time r-remember?" Snails asked as he massaged his finger some more.

"Oh whoop-de-FUCKEDY-DOO! You managed to trick everyone into thinking Fluttershy let the hamsters loose!" Sunset pinched the bridge of her nose in irritation. "Just get out of my sight, I need company in the form of somepony whose intelligence isn't on par with a fucking tube sock!"

"Some.... pony?" Snips asked as he looked at Sunset weird. "Well.... what about that time we managed to help you embarrass Rainbow huh?! Her secret went everywhere! You couldn't have done that without us!" He yelled at her for the first time since meeting her.

"Actually, I could have. I just didn't have the proper means to do so until I finally got the hang of these new devices." She stated bluntly. "Oh, and need I remind you that I had to go behind you and make sure there was no evidence that they could trace back to us?!"

"W-well, see though! Y-you needed us!" Snails begged. "R-right? You still need us! We won't screw up again we swear!"

"Actually, no I don't. You two are the most useless, idiotic people I've ever had to deal with! Now GET LOST!" Sunset snapped as she turned around and stormed off. Sunset stormed out of the school and past the statue... the very one that brought her to this world, completely oblivious to a small ripple that appeared on it's surface...

In another place, another world known as the magical land of Equestria, Canterlot was in a state of mass panic. The moment the shield shattered several Black Lanterns poured out of them and into the city, attacking everyone in anything in sight, blasting apart houses and striking down civilians before forcibly transforming them into Black Lanterns themselves.

The moment Twilight and Applejack arrived they decided to split up. Twilight made her way towards the castle while Applejack flew deeper into the city to make sure the remaining civilians got out of the city safely.

Twilight quickly dodged to the left to avoid another blast from her current pursuer; an undead Royal Guard. She quickly summoned to construct in the form of a large Raven that gave a loud screech before charging at it's the new prey, however the Black Lantern immediately fired a much bigger and powerful blast containing another ring right before it was shredded to pieces by it's talons.

Twilight quickly dodged out of the blasts path, only for her eyes to widen when she realized that the ring wasn't aimed at her, but rather the Canterlot cemetery! With speed she didn't even know she possessed, Twilight immediately bolted towards the ring and smacked it away, seconds before it could impact.

"Whew! That was close!" The lavender Unicorn said before something caught her eye, she placed a giant shield over the cemetery before another black ring could hit it.

She was about to charge back into the city however she noticed that one of the towers in the castle had been hit. "Oh no!" Wasting no time she quickly charged towards the castle, silently praying that it hadn't hit anypony.

The moment she entered the tower however, she realized that this had been one she'd never entered before, there was nothing inside except for... a mirror?

"Where did the ring go...?" Twilight pondered as she searched around the room. There were no other ways into the room aside from the hole the ring made and the door was locked. She briefly looked at the mirror again, her reflection staring back at her, for a moment she could've sworn she saw the surface of the mirror ripple. She slowly reached out her hoof to touch it…


Only for a large explosion to shake the castle, snapping her out of her thoughts. She ran towards the hole in the wall and saw that many more Black Lanterns were attacking the Castle. Moments after the explosion however, a pink shield appeared around the Castle, cutting off the Black Lanterns from there reinforcements while keeping the remaining ones outside at bay. Twilight smirked as she recognized it as her brother's shield. "Thanks BBBFF." She said as she saw several Royal Guards making an effort to escort the remaining civilians towards the Castle. "The less monsters I have to deal with the better!"

Unknown to her however, the ring she missed would soon cause new problems for a whole new world…

Later that night back at Canterlot High, the surface at the base of the horse statue started to ripple again…

The ripple then expunged a strange object.... a black ring with an upside down triangle, it hundred in the air for a few seconds... and then took off towards the nearest graveyard.

The Black Ring started searching for the perfect host, one whose heart is black was darker than the blackest void...

...soon it found the perfect host, flying to the far end of the cemetery it immediately embedded itself deep within the grave of its future host.


On that word a decayed and morbid hand extended from the ground with the ring firmly on it's hand. It left the Earth..... and a dark chuckle echoed throughout the dead land. "I LIVE AGAIN."

The sun shined brightly as Sunset made her way down the city streets, if there was one thing missed about Equestria, it was the cleaner air. It took her some time to get used to the city life, but after a while she managed to get a firm grasp on the human culture and how the world worked.

It was still somewhat jarring to know that these humans, despite having a severe lack of magic, were able to advance their technology so far. Upon researching their history, she discovered that compared to them, Equestria would be considered to be in a "steampunk era". It was baffling to say the least.

"Huh.... we are REALLY behind on technology." She whispered to herself as she growled. "It figures Celestia wasn't just holding me back."

As she passed by a local flower shop she felt her stomach growling, quickly reminding her about the second thing she missed, no one judged her when she munched on a bouquet of flowers. Here if she ever wanted to​ snack on one she'd have do it in private... she still remembered​ when her ex got her that bouquet of roses for their version of Hearts and Hooves Day, which she'd "accidentally" lost... he never found out what really happened to them.

"I've moved past them.... I am NOT those horses anymore." Sunset groaned as she moved past the flowers. She eventually made it home just as her phone rang.

Sunset sighed as she picked up the phone. "What is it?"

"Sunset, sweetie? I was wondering if you'd be home soon..." A more mature female voice asked. "Sunburst is coming and it's been awhile since we've been together as a family..."

Sunset's eye twitched the moment she heard that name. Careful not to make a sound, she slowly backed away from the front door and stormed off in the opposite direction. "Sorry Mom, I'm... gonna be pretty late..."

".... oh.... I understand." Her mom said with a said tone of voice. "Well..... I wish you'd come back soon... I love y-" However whatever she was going to say was cut off by Sunset hanging the phone up.

"Just like my old family. I might as well not be there at all..." Sunset growled as she stormed off, infuriated beyond belief. "As long as they have their "favorite child" it wouldn't matter anyway..."

She punched a wall as she started slowly calming down. "I should remember.... she's thinking about her other Sunset.... she's willing to fix things.... but I can still use her."


A sudden explosion got Sunset's attention and brought her out of thoughts, as turned around she saw several people running for their lives. A black bolt of lightning struck one of the nearby buildings a figure floated through the sky…

The figure was pitch black with a mask that covered up to his nose. From back billowed a cape but the disturbing part... was how.... dead he looked..... and he was having the time of his life.

Sunset took several steps back as fear gripped at her very soul. The power wielded by his... THING was unnatural! Not even in Equestria had she seen such raw, terrifying power.

It only got worse as the figure raised his hand and fired a beam of dark energy up into the sky, said beam then split apart into many smaller ones and began to rain down upon the city, either blasting through the buildings of hitting innocent civilians.

"So many deaths.... so little time." The figure said with a smile on his face. "I wish I could make this moment last for all eternity."

'What... what is this!?' She thought as she hid behind a building in fear. 'This isn't right! There's no magic here! But this... THING is pulling off​ Celestia-level shit! How!?'

She then dodged another blast, not necessarily aimed at her but she'd rather not be killed today. She soon saw the shit ton of dead bodies in his wake.... whoever this was they were clearly a monster. However she soon realized that that wasn't even the worst part. As she quickly scurried into a nearby building she noticed some of the corpses were starting to move. To her horror, they were now surrounded by some sort of black aura as their skin begin to rot and decompose...

Soon cop cars rolled onto the scene and the police aim their guns at the abomination. "FREEZE! STAY WHERE YOU ARE DIRTBAG!" One of them shouted as Sunset watched them. The figure simply laughed as he approached them. "WE WARNED YOU!" With that the police opened fire on him... and though the bullets entered they didn't seem to stop him.

"Foolish mortals..." He smirked as he held out his hand, the ring glowing as it shot single beam towards the group before scattering into multiple ones, each one nailing of the cops in the chest. "Why do you reject the beauty of death?"

"Maybe because they're not freaks like you?" Sunset mumbled to herself. "Fucking psychopath." The former Equestrian quickly ran through the halls of the building, hoping to find a backdoor. 'If I can just get out of here, I can make a break for the portal... hopefully it's still working...' She thought to herself... only for an explosion to rock the entire building.

"OH SHIT!" She shouted as she dodged the debris from the building. Each rock nearly crushing her head or a limb. "SON OF A BITCH!"

Looking around very close to panicking, she saw that the hallway was blocked off by rubble as quickly ran into​ a nearby stairway, hoping to find another way down and out of the building...


...only to hear a young child's fearful screams…

"...dammit!" Sunset said as she turned to try and find the source of the voice. "HELLO?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!"

“I… I'M OVER HERE!” The voice called back, leading her downstairs towards the parking lot. “I CLOSE TO THE-AAAAHH!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!” The voice suddenly screamed in terror, prompting Sunset to run faster. The moment she got downstairs she saw a young girl with light orange skin and light purple hair, her left leg was stuck under some rubble, and closing in on her helpless form was none other than one of those creatures.

"BACK OFF YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Sunset yelled as she She then grabbed a steel beam and smashed it’s head in from behind. Not wasting any time, she ran to the trapped child and started trying to lift up the rubble that trapped her leg.

"Th-Thank you..." The child stuttered as she tried to pull herself free, only to look at her in both shock and confusion upon realizing who she was. "Wait, aren't you-DUCK!!" She suddenly screamed, grabbing her hair and yanking her down just as a blast of dark energy struck the spot her head had previously occupied, looking behind herself she saw that it was stumbling around, trying to aim properly at it’s unseeable target.

“Ok, we gotta get you out of here!” Sunset grunted as she lifted up the rubble off of her leg, giving her just enough time to crawl out from under the rubble, her leg bruised and bleeding.

"O-ow." She moaned as she gently rubbed her leg.

"Hey you need to get somewhere safe. Like NOW." Sunset said as she looked around trying to find a safe spot.

“I-I can’t stand...” She gasped in pain as she was helped to her feet.

Sunset bit her lip as she walked her towards the stairway, looking behind her she saw the creature slowly regrowing its head. Thinking quickly she grabbed a steel beam and helped her out the door and handed her the beam. “Use this to balance your weight! I’ll hold that thing off, so just get moving!”

"Th-thanks Sunset." The kid hurried off as Sunset grabbed another big cinder block. Ready to smash his head in again.

Unfortunately, the creature ended up slamming its fist into her stomach, knowing the wind out of her and sending her flying into a wall. Sunset coughed up blood as she struggled to her feet, only to fall to her knees in pain. Looking up she saw the creature regrowing its head as it approached her, it’s ring glowing menacingly...

‘No! It… it can’t end like this!’ She thought as she backed away, fear gripping her very soul. 'I... I WON'T let it end like this!'

Soon Sunset managed to get to her feet and grabbed a metal bar and and glared at the creature, her eyes red with rage against this thing. Just who the hell did it think she was?!

"YOU BASTARD! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?! I'M SUNSET FUCKING SHIMMER!!" She screamed as she held up her improvised weapon defiantly. "I WAS CELESTIA'S PRIZED PUPIL, MY TALENTS SECOND TO NONE! AND IF YOU SERIOUSLY THINK I'M GOING TO GO OUT LIKE A LITTLE BITCH AND BECOME ONE OF YOUR UNDEAD SOLDIERS YOU HAVE ANOTHER THOUGHT COMING! THE ONLY WAY YOU'LL EVER TAKE ME IS IF I'M CREMATED!!" She snapped as she ran towards the creature, screaming in rage and not caring how outmatched she was. If she was to die, then she'd die fighting! Suddenly, the ceiling collapsed behind her and three more of those creatures dropped down from above. Sunset glared over her shoulder as she held up her weapon. "Com'on! I'm ready for all of y-"

However she was immediately cut off as something flew down through the ceiling right in front of her; a red light that released a burst of energy, knocking the three creatures back yet drawing Sunset forward...

‘Sunset Shimmer… You belong to us.’

As the light died down, Sunset saw that the source of it was some sort of red ring. Before she could question anything however, the ring flew towards her and slipped itself onto her middle finger on her right hand.

Sunset let out a scream of pain and she was completely engulfed in a pillar of crimson fire, it felt like the energy surrounding her body engulfing her very soul. However, she soon felt something different, it was like the power itself wasn't trying to hurt her, but rather empower her, bond with her…

As the creatures backed away from the raging inferno, they heard a voice uttering a chant of some sort as their target stepped out of the flames.

“In Vengeful Day, in Hateful Night
Let those who wronged me fear my might!”

As she stepped into full view, she was now clad in crimson red armor, a chestplate with the same icon as her ring above the navel, twin metallic dragon wings, armored spiked greaves with clawed feet, a spiked gauntlet on her right arm, while on her left arm was a dragon’s head that obscured her entire hand, and finally her mask was similar to a football helmet with black devil horns, but appeared to have an armored chinstrap that seemed to double as a vent over her mouth instead of a faceguard, and a dark red mask that gave her piercing red eyes.

“All those who oppose truest hate,
Shall see my ring and seal their fate!”

IBD Second Front Ch 1: The Beginning of the End

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the side-story yo In Brightest Day! While it may take a while to get more chapters out, I'm always looking for more co-writers!

For those of you who don't know, Sunset's armor is based off of Megaton's Dragon mode from Beast Wars, and the mask is from Beast Machines.


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