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Closing: Free PSD Templates

I appologize, due to file loss when transfereing computers, I no longer have the PSD.

Thank you all for your interest.
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I can create a complete ps of this...thanks a lot for still uploading it even after the loss of the ps file...thanks
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If you no longer have the PSD you might want to rename this deviation. 35,000 views and only 95 :+fav:?? Its misleading and people are coming here looking for a template.
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Nice, I especially like the background, do you still have that?
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Beautiful template :worship:
It was a good template but i'm sorry to you lose data...anyway congratulations for job.
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aaa damnnit..
do you have a image of better quality then?

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can i download it please? :)
any luck? i'd be happy to help/host for you. otherwise, if you don't want to post it here, maybe post it at ?

it's an awesome site, would love to talk to you about using it for a site that will be launching soon.

hopefully your site is coming along better now!
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still nothing up.. :(
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it's nice but damn are blowin' smoke or what? people have been asking for this for sometime now. what's the problem? you do realize NONE of your links work. :(
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Website Unavailable

download link pls :( :( :(
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i have a site, if you send me the psd i'll post a link here...
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Nice design man, can you send me the PSD? Thanks! :) Good job!
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Send it pleaseee to
i'am new in web interfaces, it will help alot
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Working. I promise, just got the files in the hands of my new developer. Soon.
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Link doesn't work mate :(
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I know, a developer is currently working pretty hard to get the new design up. Should be soon, I've very sorry.
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this really looks great, but the download link is unavailable. could you, please, upload the files here at DA?
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Dude....You have great templates but your site STILL doesn't work....Its been how long now....???? Are these templates still available?...
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Current, no.

The site is about 90% done but the developer I'm using is stuck. Trying to find alternatives as we speak. I'm SO sorry for your wait.
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I can see that you've already said it a few times, but will your site be back up soon?
This looks kickass and would love to have it, I agree completely with allicaleb.
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