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What would it be? And who would you ask it?

Aubrey, Shyla, Madison, Allie, Kami, Lotte, Hailey, Liz...
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  • Reading: Beyond Memory - NINA (Sleepwalking)
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  • Playing: Starcraft 2 co-op missions
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Any tech savvy guys out there? I could use some advice! I'm slowly working on a setup for my new computer and I've got to decide whether I want to go 4k or remain in the full HD era. Cost wise it's a pretty big difference in hardware. Consider I am switching from an iMac so I will need to invest in a monitor either way...

There's 4k, ultra wide (curved) HD, or just two normal full HD... So many options possible .. the sky is the limit, but not my wallet! Will I regret not investing in 4k now? 
So choosing between single/dual-screen or an ultra wide, what are you guys opinions?

Consider this. I spend my computer time 60% Photoshop / Adobe / FMG related, 30% games and 10% other (mostly anime)
Edit: Im not a hardcore gamer, I just like to game a bit and be able to run what I want.

If any of you have any insight into this they would like to share I'd be very appreciative!!
  • Listening to: Water
  • Reading: Beyond Memory - NINA (Sleepwalking)
  • Watching: The Orville
  • Playing: Starcraft 2 co-op missions
  • Eating: Banana
  • Drinking: Double Espresso
Hi everyone!

It's been a little while now since Tumblr activated their new user guidelines and has been fending off adult oriented works from their platform.
Personally I have noticed that Tumblr's worth to me has dropped to an almost zero percent. In both terms of finding art to enjoy and finding source materials to work with. 

Over the last couple of months I noticed people move to platforms like Twitter, Furaffinity, Pixiv, and even Pr0nHub but as far as I can tell nothing new and close to what Tumblr was has risen to the scenes yet.

Now that the forum of (without the ' - ' ) has come back on-line I have decided to make a threat there to post my Morphs that fit the criteria of that forum, but that too is not a one-stop place to post all my NSFDA kind of works and Ideally I am looking for a single place, next to DA, to comined share all my works with everyone interested. 

I'm being curious here, what are your experiences post tumblr's change?
Is there a new great candidate I am missing, how are you getting your 'NSFDA' muscle girl art today?

Love to hear from you peeps!
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  • Reading: Beyond Memory - NINA (Sleepwalking)
  • Watching: The Orville
  • Playing: Starcraft 2 co-op missions
  • Eating: Banana
  • Drinking: Double Espresso
Article 13 to be approved!

Read:… (one of many articles on the subject!)

From article:

The final version of a controversial new EU copyright law has been agreed after three days of talks in France. Google has been particularly vocal about the proposed law, which it says could "change the web as we know it".

Article 13 says content-sharing services must license copyright-protected material from the rights holders.
If that is not possible and material is posted on the service, the company may be held liable unless it can demonstrate:
  • it made "best efforts" to get permission from the copyright holder
  • it made "best efforts" to ensure that material specified by rights holders was not made available
  • it acted quickly to remove any infringing material of which it was made aware

What happens next?
Ms Berry said Article 13 still contained some "broad and ambiguous terms", such as the requirement for services to demonstrate "high industry standards of professional diligence".
She said it would be "likely to result in an ongoing lack of legal and commercial certainty" until legal cases set a precedent and "flesh out" the directive.
The proposed law will face a final vote in the European Parliament in the next few weeks. If it passes, it will be implemented by national governments over the next two years.

I've been googling around and reading DA journals. There is plenty to find on the topic. And though its not as clear, I do truly fear that fanart will get it a lot harder. They say parodies like meme's will be excluded from the law.. but I can't help but feel afraid for the full effect of this change. And if you live in the states, don't think this will save you, it will have global effects for sure...

Considering that morphing is making 'fanart' using generally copyrighted photography, I feel this could potentially be the end of morphers all around the web.  First Tumblr got killed and if DA can no longer offer a place for me to do this. It will seriously and most likely mean the end...


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Thanks for everyone who commented on my latest journal on 4K/HD etc. This really helped me get further! Thanks for introducing me to QHD also which seems like the preferable choice now considering my wishes and budget I want to spend. Thanks again! 
It is finally over! Today we received a letter from the home safety inspectors/organization that they have concluded their research, their inquiries, and have concluded that nothing of suspect is ongoing. The dossier will be closed and we can move on with our lives. 
Thanks a lot for this birthday gift!

Flexing Aubrey by TaylorsToonAdventure
Still open for commissions! I'm getting close to my target for replacing my broken down computer set, so this might be your last chance to get your commission from me! For details:  Commission information (OPEN!)

Update on my personal situation. Today we visited the hospital again for the results on all tests they had done in the past weeks. All tests came out negative for potential signs of abuse so that is great to hear. Let the facts speak for themselves. This closes one chapter of the investigation and now it is in the hands of the home safety 'investigators' who are still interviewing people and agencies that 'know us'. We really hope their final report will be in before the end of March... Fingers crossed!
Thank you all so incredibly much for your supportive messages. It's truly unexpected and heart warming to read you all care. I'm truly moved.
I'm open for commissions! Getting closer to my goal of a replacement computer setup for my old Mac (RIP). For details see the link below. e-mail me at

  Commission information (OPEN!)

I can't believe if this is real as is claimed by who posted it!


Julia always had one of the most facinating facial structures, a perfect mix of beautiful femininity mixed with hyper masculinity. But this is mind blowing!
Which celebrity that I haven't morphed yet should I morph next and why? Either as herself or in character (and which).
Commissions are open again - Thanks for everyone who supported me in 2018. Having made the 500 euro milestone, this means I will start a new Celeb Growth Games as soon as I have a new computer system up and operational!
Happy new year everyone!! May 2019 be filled with luck, joy and good health. If you haven't already, I wish you all a great new years eve! And catch you all in the new year!
Commissions back open with 5 slots. I've finished the first series with success and had a lot of fun on top of it. Thanks for your support!
Karma continues with another unplanned 700€ financial setback... This is really stressing...
Karma has not been on my side.. Within 48 hours time my computer broke down, my bedroom dresser collapsed and the car battery died... The last two are fixed now, but the first is beyond saving. Which is my main 'morphing' station... Fuck... This is not a good start of the week...
I am so very excited about this! If you can tell what it is and why, you are awesome! #Sentiment #New #relaxing 
Sit back and enjoy by jderril
The weather! It's all frigging hot, way to hot to be morphing or even checking out work here on DA. And it doesn't seem to change any time soon...
FUCK! I lost the stylus/pencil to my Wacom tablet... I've searched everywhere... home, work, off-site I visit often.. but I really cant find it.... Without it I can't do my morphing... I hope I find it soon... :(
Next to some national (holiday) days off and taking some personal compensation time for over-work, I can present a couple of new bits and pieces today!


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