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(SFM/GMod) Twibat



So here is Twilight batpony I have been experimenting for quite some time to figure out how to manipulate models.

UPDATE: GMod Model now included.

She comes with three different back mane options, two tail options, suited and nude body texture, custom made eye textures and heavily altered mane and body textures. The SFM version has working bumpmaps.

Have fun making her scare the CMC's, mess up Sweet Apple Acres, overtrow Celestia or have fierce lightsaber fights.

Happy Nightmare Night!

I'd love to see your work!


Original Pony Source Files go to:

Batpony Source Files: :iconwhiteskypony: & :iconbeardeddoomguy:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hasbro©

Source Filmmaker, GMod: Valve, Steam
© 2015 - 2023 JDash42
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got a quick ques ten were  put it in  the g mod folder do i put this nvm i can look it up own you tube  sorry i am a bad typer