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Reality.exe Has Stopped Working

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Published: March 7, 2014
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This is not a composite image, or even a photoshopped image.

Program used: 3D Studio Max 2014 with the MentalRay render software.

Update: Well, I think I put you people in suspense long enough.  Here is the solution.
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Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Macintosh
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SparksInG-majorStudent Digital Artist
Nice, but it'd be better if the dA watermark weren't there.
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blackbeamerHobbyist Digital Artist
long live image editing software Boogie!
Nice work though!! :clap:
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blackbeamerHobbyist Digital Artist
errrr... Thats not what I mean by saying that... I apologies!! if I have offended any one. Oops! 
I guessed use of Photoshop (Layer mask) to show up back side of cube, for those who don't know how he did it(including my self), until he refer to solution.
I was not criticizing his rendering by any means.
raaab's avatar
raaabHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you have one from a different angle? :flirty:
Iamnow-LIVINGPOTATO's avatar
Iamnow-LIVINGPOTATOHobbyist Digital Artist
My mind hurtsXD
FancyFurret's avatar
Fun fact, you can make this IRLIRL
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Jason-CHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, this is reality.exe functioning properly.  It usually doesn't work this well.... unfortunately.
JDArnold2's avatar
JDArnold2 Digital Artist
Funny you mention that, because "Impossibru" is actually one of the tags I have on this picture.
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PS... You are my featured 3D Rendering this month.
eriban's avatar
A well executed illusion. I especially like the attention to detail. This would be a great addition to the 3D Illusions group. I already sent you an invite! :-)
TheMouseQueen's avatar
Impressive work. A single render in 3D Studio Max. Amazing!!!
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Chlojo-SHobbyist General Artist
I don't...understand. I don't trust it e-e
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xzendor7 Digital Artist
Love These Eye Tricks.
tepigfatlover's avatar
my theory is that you made an picture on paper and folded it just so that it tricks the viewers depth perception into thinking that this is an 3d object.fell free to tell me if im right
Hop41's avatar
The Escher print in the background as well as the textbook with a Penrose triangle are nice touches.
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pumpkinman68Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice ! another MC Escher's cube fan !! (as me, as this cube shows)
pumpkinman68's avatar
pumpkinman68Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hell ! Copy-paste mistake ! ... As this cube shows
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em- um- wha- hm...
GenkiPuck42's avatar
Nice perspective trick on the cube - I take it the modeling software you are using was not designed to allow impossible objects? I have seen photographs of physical models that used the same broken-bar trick, but the addition of the necessary shadows to really sell the illusion is obviously not so feasible in the real world! I like the glimpse of Escher's "Day and Night" in the background.
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EnerinHobbyist Writer
Aha, nice. The sketches on the table are a really nice touch, reminds me of the game "The Bridge"
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