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PKMN: They will never get into the League-

My Crystal playthrough ended weeks ago but this was still on my head
I would've drawn it sooner but depression :(
kept pushing myself to make this even though I don't feel great right now

Pokemon owned by Game Freak+Nintendo
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I'm not sure I get the joke, but the artwork is as clean and sharp as ever. Nice work!

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In Pokemon Crystal after the player defeats Gym Leader Clair she does not give them her badge, instructing them to take on the test of the Dragon Masters (which is just a bunch of short answer questions)

After completing the test she is surprised to see the player has passed, claiming that even she hasn't passed it yet, after which she reluctantly gives the badge.

During that moment I was thinking of the meme of the stick person who spits out their cereal after something they think would never happen, happens.

Thank you for appreciating my work though :)

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Not gonna lie...
That's epic.