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Published: January 23, 2014
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Even if Celestia really is the princess who's more popular with her subjects according to canon, that doesn't necessarily mean she enjoys all the attention she's getting.

Okay, putting Celestia in embarrassing situations because of Luna seems to be a recurring theme by now. If I make more of these, I'll try to come up with something other than that! =p

Got the idea for "Princess Hot Buns" from "Princess Toasty Buns" by DoggonePony :
Princess Toasty Buns by DoggonePony



Quite a few seem to be confused/concerned about Celestia's age here, so might as well clarify. Celestia is a mare (like the Mane Six and most background ponies) while Luna is a filly (like the CMC, and she's also a blank flank at present). The two are parallel to Applejack/Apple Bloom and Rarity/Sweetie Belle.

Celestia may be younger than her 1000+ year old self, but she's certainly mature enough to know what's Not Safe For Woona!
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
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She grows to love it. I doubt Princess Molly is just a joke.
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(Bursting out laughing)
also Celestia in panel 2 is so cute!
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I bet Luna's going to be unhappy for the rest of the day.
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she knows that "buns" is butt?
who has the princess been talking to?
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*cue the dramatic music*
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superpika293Hobbyist General Artist
This is beyond adorable.
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This drawing-style is sooooooo adorable.
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DarkGrimoire-VZeroHobbyist Writer
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metalsonic612Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't help but snicker a bit I''my sorry your highness XD
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I thought she was princes sun butt... hmm... new nicknames for Tia all the time... x3
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Oh, they meant Princess SunnyButt?
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FiredraceHobbyist Writer
oh Sunbutt.
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D-Rock92Hobbyist General Artist
And that day Luna lost just a little bit of innocence.
Funny stuff!
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I for one am just fine with Tia in embarrassing situations because of Luna. ^_^ Of course, everything you draw has them so cute.
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Okay, i'm sure someone has asked this before, but after stumbling across a really weird fanfiction i have to ask...

Wasn't solid pink hair the way of identifying Princess Molestia as opposed to Celestia?  Was that unintentional, or should i call Chris Hansen?
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