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Hi everybody,

Yesterday, I voted early for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris. However, back in August, I was going back & forth on whether I should vote on the president part of the ballot:

-On the 1 hand, the idea of voting for Biden makes me feel bad, especially given his problematic history & the DNC's shitty treatment of Bernie Sanders (who I voted for in the primary). Why make myself feel bad when I probably don't have to, especially given that I live in a very blue state?

-On the other hand, I previously thought my state would be an easy win for Bernie (It was in 2016: ) & was wrong, so maybe I'm wrong about it being an easy loss for Trump. Thus, the idea of not at least trying to vote Trump out also makes me feel bad, especially given how much damage he's doing w/his border wall ( ) & immigration enforcement ( ). Why risk continuing said damage when I don't have to, especially after everything Bernie's done to get out the vote & make Biden's platform as progressive as possible ( )?

-Since August, Trump has given me even more reasons to not risk it, including packing the Supreme Court ( ) & re-joining the WHO ( ). It's also worth mentioning that Harris, while not as progressive as Stacey Abrams (who I was hoping would be VP), is also making Biden's platform more progressive (E.g. "Biden now says he would ban all new fossil fuel production on federal lands and waters — bringing him in alignment with Harris' 2016 lawsuit": ).

To sum up, Bhalla put it best when he said, "Biden isn't going to fix all of our problems, but he is not going to threaten a lot of the institutions that we do hold sacred, including our right to free and fair elections" ( ). Here's hoping everyone reading this journal entry votes for Biden/Harris + every democrat all the way down the ballot (the more progressive, the better) & tells them to #PackTheCourt.


Herman Diaz

P.S. For my 1st & 2nd elections:



UPDATE #1: While not my favorite part of the 2020 election, it's still worth mentioning "Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History":

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