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Hi everybody,

1stly, I published my 8th review ("Not nearly as good as the original books":… ). I'd really appreciate it if you'd read said review & vote "Yes" after "Was this review helpful to you": For 1, I want to make sure it gives a good idea of what to expect; For another, it needs all the "Yes" votes it can get to make up for being outnumbered by the opposing reviews (which don't give a good idea of what to expect). Many thanks in advance.

2ndly, as you may have noticed, this is a big review update. That's b/c my 8th review was running long, so I put reasons #2 & #4 here.

Herman Diaz

2) In Time, most of the ornithischians & some of the saurischians are depicted with wonky hand &/or foot anatomy. Otherwise, the animals are mostly accurate for the time. The same goes for the original books in general, but not the show. TB in particular fails in the following ways:
-Pteranodon is depicted as being naked & living inland despite the facts that 1) pterosaurs in general were fuzzy, & 2) Pteranodon in particular lived in coastal areas.
-All the dinos, except the Ornithomimus, are depicted with wonky hand &/or foot anatomy.
-Alamosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, & Troodon are depicted as being flat-footed despite the fact that dinos were toe-walkers.
-Alamosaurus is depicted with a mouth full of teeth that all look like flat molars despite the fact that sauropods' teeth were either spoon-shaped or pencil-shaped.
-The Parasaurolophus sounds are just plain wrong (See 5:00 onward: [link] ).
-Parasaurolophus is depicted with no sexual dimorphism despite the fact that females "had a shorter more curved crest so they could be distinguished within the herd" (See Gardom/Milner's "The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs").
-Troodon & T.rex are depicted as roaring, screaming, hissing, etc. while attacking prey (Quoting Holtz: "When trying to hunt, how would popping out and screeching at prey help?").
-Troodon is depicted as being a big-game hunter despite the fact that troodonts "have relatively lightly built snouts, suggesting that they did not tackle very large prey" (… ).
-Troodon & T.rex are depicted as regarding humans as food (See the Dietrich quote).
-T.rex is depicted as being a super-persistent predator despite the fact that it "had clearly sacrificed speed to size. If it did not catch its quarry in the first rush there was no question of setting off in a lengthy pursuit" (See Gardom/Milner's "The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs").
-Ornithomimus is depicted as being carnivorous despite the fact that it was probably omnivorous.

4) In Time, the epilogue consists of 2 pages in which Cole & Degen recognize some major falsehood in the story (E.g. "A BUS CAN'T BECOME A TIME MACHINE") & expand on what we learn from the story (E.g. "Birds are the dinosaurs of today"). The same goes for the original books in general. On the show, the epilogue consists of 3 minutes (including the completely pointless & slightly racist intro) in which the producers or guest stars do the same thing while taking phone calls from kids. I have 2 major problems with the show's epilogue: 1) Unlike the book's epilogue (which concentrates on expansion), the show's epilogue gives equal time to recognition; 2) The show's epilogue fails to cover many story-related subjects & those that are covered are done so in an insufficient manner (I.e. Sometimes, it's simplified to the point of being meaningless; Other times, it's just plain wrong). TB in particular fails in the following ways:
-In reference to the 1st caller's 1st question, Carmina says that no one's ever seen a real live dino while ignoring birds.
-In reference to the 1st caller's 2nd question, Carmina says that "the plant eaters...had flat grinding teeth, and the meat eaters had pointy cutting teeth", ignoring the facts that 1) not all herbivorous dinos had "grinding teeth", 2) not all carnivorous dinos had "cutting teeth", & 3) not all dinos had teeth (E.g. Ornithomimus).
-In reference to the 2nd caller's 1st question, Carmina says that no one knows exactly how dinos behaved or what they sounded like & that "we use our imaginations and make educated guesses", ignoring the facts that 1) trace fossils are "records of prehistoric behavior and biology" (… ), 2) we know exactly what Parasaurolophus, the dino that inspired said question, sounded like (See reason #2 above), & 3) paleontologists make "frequent reference to today's animals as a basis for comparison" (… ).
-The 2nd half of the epilogue is wasted on the 2nd caller's 2nd question ("So no one's ever traveled back in time?").

Quoting Dietrich ( community.seattletimes.nwsourc… ): "To get an understanding for "Raptor Red" he studied and thought about not just birds of prey but hyenas, wolves and lions. So what would happen to a human who was time-transported back to the Cretaceous?

"All the meat-eaters would flee," Bakker predicted. "Modern hunters such as lions, if they see something they have not been previously aware of, they run away. It's just too risky to attack.""
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You forgot one thing--Parasaurolophus in the Maastrichtian?
1stly, thanks for commenting. :)

2ndly, I didn't forget. It's just that I was specifically referring to anatomical/behavioral inaccuracies.