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The Fear and the Glory

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"We been hidin' here for near fifteen minutes." The boy's whisper was harsh, over-loud in the hot, still air, and to Dagruk's sensitive ears it rebounded off the stones. "Think it's gone?"

Gesturing frantically, Dagruk did not take his eyes from the sky. "No, not yet." He whispered back. "Be still, master, I pray you."

Stevie did nothing of the sort. "Think it's with that one naked guy that was chasing us earlier?" He asked, momentarily raising his cap to wipe his forehead.

"They are in league, yes." Dagruk nodded.

"Like is it his horse or sumthin? That's what they do in Dragonriders of Pern, y'know. They..."

And then they heard it.

It was a downward sound, if such a thing were possible, the great overwhelming pressure of hot air pushing downwards. The hair on Dagruk's neck flattended, the reeds splayed out across the rippling water, pebbles rattled loose. He felt more than heard Steve flatten himself against the wall, and glancing to the side he saw Fliixen and Davy vanish behind the pillar again.

A breath, and then again the beat of air, rushing down with a great "WHOOM." like the sound of an airborne drum.

It was the sound of wings.

An earth-shattering roar split the landscape as a great shadow passed overhead, its form indistinguishable through the fog. It faded as the shadow wheeled about.

"It's comin' back." Steve breathed. "It's..."

The roar came bearing down on the swamp, the wind of its coming shook the reeds, heat swept outwards in a wave from the roar and washed over Dagruk. Fog came boiling up from the heart of swamp, out around the rock Dagruk crouched behind.

Then there was a final great push of air, and the roar was passing overhead, far away, out toward the mountains where its home was laid.

"What the hell..." Steve breathed.

"He is Rundisfalon, Lord of the Fenland Wastes." replied Dagruk, sagging against the stone wall in relief. He cast a glance back at the marveling human. "And he suffers no rider."


This is a weird story concept that's been running around in my head for a while, and I finally managed to get a drawing off about it. I have a nice world set out, and even the inklings of a story, but for some reason I find it really hard to get work done on.

It's essentially your average "children drop into fantasy world" setup, except it's told from the point of the fantasy creatures, in this case Dagruk, a creature roughly based on "Gurgi" from Chronicles of Prydain. The "Children of the Glowing Wrist" are needed to find the griffins, the only cratures who can free the world of Dirspora from the tyranny of the dragons.

The dragons are very important to this story, and they're huge, intelligent, and magical. In fact they're actually one of the only fully realized parts of this story, and I wanted to draw out the scene where the children (and the reader, first meet one of the dragons. The dragon doesn't look QUITE as huge as I wanted him to, but I think you get a rough idea.

Anyway. Comments appreciated. The next Dwarfs picture is coming, it just needs to age a little before I go back to it.
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MichaelHoweArts's avatar
Nice job!!! I am really impressed with the amount of details and characters you have, along with the composition and depth of field.
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Oh thanks! Detail is something of an obsession of mine, I just keep adding things onto the drawing until you can hardly see the original. But I was really happy with the composition of the piece, and the characters have been in the works for a long time.
MichaelHoweArts's avatar
That's cool! I need to get better at putting details into my backgrounds, or anything NOT the character(s).

Yes, nice composition!
Feanor-the-Dragon's avatar
The picture is EPIC!!!!
...But your narration... Ah, such bliss! You are a talented- NAY! an AMAZING writer!
The premise of your story is very interesting, and this little tidbit... leaves me starving for more.
Good luck with your writing endeavors!
I must see if any more of your writing is posted here!
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
None of this story, I'm afraid. As I said, I haven't managed to get much work done on it. But I have a Naruto fanfiction up, and also a post-apocalyptic short story in the "No Man's Land" section. If you really want, you can even look up "Enter the Mines," but that's an old story and frankly badly written.

I'm glad you appreciate the drawing and the excerpt. I never expect to be a great artist, but I hope someday to write professionally. So it is good to hear your kind words.
Feanor-the-Dragon's avatar
You certainly are a talented artist! And you definitely possess the skill to be a professional writer!
I may just read some of your stories! :D
Musashi-dono's avatar
This reminds me of my early start.Ah good times.Keep it up dude, it is looking great!Never lose this sense of space and mapping, and remember imagination is your best friend!
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Imagination has been my best friend since my first LEGO set. Thank you for the kind words, and I fully intend to keep up my work on this sort of thing.
RexBlazer1's avatar
Impressive, love the way the dragon looks.
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Thanks! I wanted to draw a fully detailed dragon, but then I decided it would be better, and scarier, to have him partly obscured by the mist in the swamp. I do rather like the effect, I think.
RexBlazer1's avatar
I can understand that. I usually try to get mine fully detailed when I have feathered or scaly-skinned characters. It's best to just leave those things implied, I guess.

Please check out my Ra picture. I think three people have already added it to their favorites.
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Yeah, I saw it. It's nice enough, Egyptian gods just aren't my thing so much.
RexBlazer1's avatar
Okay, to each their own.
strangebloke's avatar
dirspora? really? Otherwise, good. I like the written and drawn sections a lot. The dragon looks big, but you need something to judge it by. That doesn't mean that this drawing isn't good... on the contrary, the swamp, the angling of the dragon's body, and the worried kids all look good.
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Haha, I know. I more or less made it up on the spot. Comes from "diaspora", except dirtier and poorer.

I was worried about the comparison for the dragon's size. The man's silouhette was supposed to do that, but I don't think I got the perspective of the lake quite right... it should have vanished into the fog before that.

But glad you like all the other elements.
LeyndarmalEinn's avatar
The reflection of the rock on the water is gorgeous--it really brings a sense of tension to the scene, as there is so much action in the sky and the smoke around the dragon seems chaotic, but the water and the waiters are desperately still.
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Really? I'm glad you like it, that was an essential part of the scene, though to be honest, the reflection was added more just to clarify that that brown stuff is water and not mud. But I wanted a scene of quiet tension, to underscore how absolutely still everything is.
SHADEofJEREMY's avatar
That. Is one very impressive and frighting looking dragon. Great job. :thumbsup:
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Oh, so good to hear. "Impressive" was a big part of what I was going for, I wanted the dragon to look truly awe-inspiring.
SHADEofJEREMY's avatar
Well, you succeeded quite nicely. I was in awe of the dragon.
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