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Lady Orihime Inoue

By jczala
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Orihime Inoue is a lady that demands a second look. With her innocent silver eyes, delicate lips, and that long, silky orange hair, this girl possesses an effortlessly attractive beauty that is a cross between an angel and a princess.

I couldn't resist vectoring such a fine looking scan. Before I always found it hard to vector characters in their kimono, especially in extravagant ones, but Orihime pushed me to do it. I'm pretty impressed with her character design. She totally fits the part of a noble Japanese woman in the past. And I just love the hair.

Vectoring the hair was a bit difficult since it's all over the place, but it was fun coloring it and adding highlights. The patterns on the kimono are made from brushes. I adjusted the shape dynamics and made them scatter. Oh, by the way, I'm not good at vectoring flowers, so pardon me if it came out strange. But the Iris/Ayame is a really pretty flower.

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Working Hours: Two Days
Character Featured: Orihime Inoue
Series: Bleach
Disclaimer: (C)Kubo Tite
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Love the flower background!
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Awesome it looks like its from anime great
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She looks beautiful in the pink kimono, very regal.
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Yes, very regal and elegant! Orihime's so stunning! :love: 
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Beautiful! And really sweet! Thankyou for giving her face such a sweet expression.
Because she is such a, well, voluptuous character, I've come across a few pics of her where her facial expression, and overall appearance was pretty....um, well, not so sweet if you know what I mean, but the fact is she is a very, very sweet character, which is one of the reasons I love her so much (that, and the very unique humour Tite Kubo has endowed her with), so thankyou. Orihime is one of my favourite characters in anime, and I've been wanting to favourite some pics of her, and yours is the very first!
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I should be the one thanking you. :D Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! I've made this a long time ago and it's nice to see your work getting appreciated. :love: 

Orihime is indeed sweet. Her personality is what attracted me to her in the first place. She's so interesting, especially her humor.

Awww... >/////< It's such an honor. Thanks again!!! :) 
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great , really
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Thanks so much :)
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Beautiful work
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awesome vector :love:
although i prefer rukia, i like this!! :D

how did you do the color? is looks perfect!
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I learned everything from photoshop tutorials hehe. :)
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wonderfull..I like it , she is my favoret charactet in bleach
her smile is sharm
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Thanks so much :love:
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:wow: your draw is awesome :love:
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Thanks. Orihime is one of my faves too along with Lucy. :D
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Oh, wow. That's beautiful.
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