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Sonic Sez - Smoking [SFM]

Smoking is for dumb bots!
Here's an SFM short reanimation of one of the most iconic Sonic Sez segment, where Sonic talks about why smoking is bad!

Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower, Grounder (C) SEGA, DiC Entertainment

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Please make a video based on this Grilled Cheese music video by Elmer Fudd with your Elmer Fudd Model please

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Sonic in 1993:

"Don't be fool, smoking isn't cool!"

Also Sonic in 1993:

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Hey just to let you know I've posted some Gmod poses on my Deviantart and people really like them, just letting you the models are yours and the credit is yours, I'm only doing this for fun and the art community.

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I was wondering, do your models work in Blender?

Excuse me, your sandy model have no slider for "teeth gone"

can you add it please? thank you!, and I love your sfm models and your YouTube videos!

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Do I put my address in the box on commissions guideline?
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As Sonic would say, don't be a fool, smoking isn't cool.

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Hey @JCThornton

Can I ask you a question for me, please

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Smoking is bad for children

Only Adults

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