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+3D Model Download+ Eustace Bagge


Download the model here! Also on SFM and GMOD!…


Stupid Dog! You made me look bad! Eustace Bagge from Courage the Cowardly Dog is now available to download!


Bonus model - Mask


Facial Flexes with corrective shapes 

Manual SFM / GMOD Installation files


Zip file includes a save file of the model set up using Blender and Autodesk Maya and an .OBJ file and .FBX file to make the model portable to all other 3D applications.

Thank you so much and have fun with this model! If there are any complaints or concerns, feel free to let me know.

Eustace Bagge ©Cartoon Network Studios


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better idea for nexts models: Smurfs (Smurfette, Papa Smurf and just Smurf)

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I don't take requests. Commissions only.

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Begging won't help you

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You are an absolute legend for making these and making them available to download! Thank you so much man! I hope we get Courage and Muriel soon! Perhaps even King Ramsey ;D

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you can made from the crazy frog?



Eustace: Stupid Dog!! Ya Made me Look Bad! OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!

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Please do the 3D Version of Animated Lizzie McGuire Please?!

Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) Animated - Lizzie McG

Note: Lizzie forget orange sandals.

Please do my commission please?! Do it now. I promise.

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Don't be so demanding. He has a busy schedule.

You are going to have to learn to be patient. Badgering and demanding immediate results might either scare people away or end up blocking them, and getting greedy does not help your case.

So relax. It must take a long time to make these as it is, and he probably has a long list for himself.
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ok I will relax.

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Stupid dog you make me look bad
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It looks like The Fog of Courage one! Good job!

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I like this 3d animation

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that's it! i'm getting me mallet!

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Best character from the show. Finally.

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Talk about a true grumpy old man!

And a total jerk!

Then again, his mom was a jerk herself who favored his brother, Horace.

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This man is the very dictionary definition of "Angry skeptical baby boomer."

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So true nowadays

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This Show Was Awesome!

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