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+3D Model Download+ Catra

Catra from the Netflix animated remake, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is now available to download!


Download the model here!…


READ!!! Since July 2019, you need to download Blender 2.8 in order to use the Blender ports of newer models and updates!

Now available for Source Filmmaker and Garry's Mod!




Moveable eyelashes, eyeballs, ears, tounge and teeth

Facial Flexes

Removable mask, belts, tights, shirt, and badge
Zip file includes a save file of the model set up using Blender and Autodesk Maya and an .OBJ file and .FBX file to make the model portable to all other 3D applications. 

Thank you so much and have fun with this model! If there is any complaints or concerns, feel free to let me know.

I also take 3D model suggestions, so don't be afraid to ask! Help make my Patreon page grow!

Catra ©Netflix, Mattel

Interested in a 3D model commission? Read the guidelines and send me a message! 

3D Model Commissions + Source Porting Commissions

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I was wondering, do you mind making Adora (the 2018 Netflix Version)?

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Another great model. Catra looks so good. The pose and expression fit her perfectly.
Kandei-chan's avatar

So awesome!! Thank you for making it available!! I want to try to make an action figure with this model. Please throw my vote in for Adora. ;)

MichaelOKeefe1991's avatar

You have a model of Catra, but no She-Ra????

DCFan2004's avatar

He hasn't made a model of her, nor has he made one of Adora, Bow, Glimmer, and many others. I have an image of Adora and She-Ra shown here. I might make one of these 2 in the future.

She-Ra 2018 Re-boot - Adora
She-Ra 2018 Re-boot - She-Ra
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What about 3D model of Nick Andrew jessi missy & jay from big mouth (plzzzzz!!!)
Phuram's avatar
Cool model. I really enjoyed her new design in the remake. And this modell captures her look so well. Great work.
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Is there are chance that you could model Adora/She-Ra for Gmod/SFM?
lukenukem2002's avatar
That would be dope
King-Dragonlord's avatar
It would be cool if she was a gmod player model
Goombackson's avatar
Any way to re-weight the claws on her feet? They don't move with the tips of the toes when those bones are rotated.
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
Awesome job on the model

are you planning on making Satam/AoSth Tails in the future
tetsuwanatom's avatar
That's a pretty model and I even converted her to MMD.
Anyway, I'd like to discuss something on Facebook if you don't mind.
fave character from that series 
sadly the last few you have posted have not worked for me . 
 She's sooooo cute.Winner Judge Milk, which goes quite well with cookies Ahooooy Matey! 
Andreeanna's avatar

How about you make Glimmer.

Sun-ii's avatar
this is adorable omg
Andreeanna's avatar

Hey hey hey! Can you make the PJ Masks Characters?




Luna Girl




VEXIKKU's avatar
Are you kidding me?! That's most accurate Model of Catra I have seen. She looks so awesome!
Curtthebard21's avatar
Could you Raylan and Calem from Dragon Prince?
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