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J.C. Thornton
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I work on cartoons, 3D models and animation!
If you like my 3D models, you can download them here:
Feel free to support me on Patreon! You can also follow me on Tumblr here:
Good evening everybody, I hope all of you are doing okay, and I'm doing okay as usual myself.

I would like to publicly announce everyone to all of my followers and friends that I am currently developing a new video game, and I'm currently seeking for anybody who has experience in certain digital work or anybody who's willing to contribute to the project.
I've been on the role of modeling so many cartoon characters that I have loved and learned to port models into SFM and Garry's Mod, as well as for other games made through the Source Engine. I've been looking around quite a bit seeing how most video games get made, as plenty of little and big games get made using the game engines such as Unity, Unreal, etc. I've also learned that big video games get made using the Valve's Source engine as well, and since that I have most experience at using the Source Engine, I figured that I should make a video game out of it!

So, I've been thinking of a video game for quite some time since I've wanted to have my own company and teams to share all of our ideas and skills to the world and hopefully become the next big thing. It won't be an easy process at all, but it would be an interesting journey! Most of my game ideas consists bringning back cartoons from the golden age and the 80's - 90's range and each having their own full length video game. There's other original ideas I would like to work on as well, but for now, I'm putting them on hold until further projects.

For this project, the game is still in early development to where it's not officially titled at the moment, so for the name of the project, I'm calling it Project Looney, and yes, it's exactly what you think, It's going to be a video game featuring The Looney Tunes. The overall genre of the game will be a Platform Adventure video game like its predecessors Bugs Bunny - Lost in Time and Bugs & Taz - Time Busters. However, this game will not serve as a sequel to those games, as this game will completley ignore the events of those games and be a new timeline. The game will take inspirations from the video games Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, mostly because I've grew up with these games and realizing how much of an impact they gave me, I'm willing to try to relive those times using Looney Tunes characters.

For the gameplay, not much is offered at the moment, but I will announce that the main objective of the game is to, let's say, collect all of the Golden carrots and defeat the main antagonist, save the world, like Super Mario 64. :XD: But, the game will allow you to have Bugs Bunny and his friends explore different worlds and collecting golden carrots until you reach to the main antagonist and defeat it. You also get to play as five different Looney Tunes characters to help you out in your adventure, and I will announce I will make Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Taz, and Lola Bunny playable characters. I will also incule online multiplayer adventure modes as well with mini games and challenges with friends around the world.

I hope this sounds exciting, and even for me it is and I would love to proceed forward with this project really soon. As much as I would like to start now, but I know I obviously will kill myself if I try doing everything alone, so I need as much help with it as possible, so I have open positions listed below.
The unfortunate part is since this is legitimately going to be our first game we're working on, we're going to be on a bit of a budget at the moment, and so as soon as we start to reach mainstream success, then we'll provide major updates to the game and so fourth, even adding in cutscenes and hire decent voice actors to voice the characters, like Eric Bauza, Dee Bradely Baker and so fourth. I will also deeply promise everyone who's interested that in one way or another, they get something in return for their efforts. Will be I able to pay you back right now? As much as I would love to, but unfortunately no. Until I when we make enough through mainstream financially, you'll be able to get a good chuck of it, ands it's a garuntee. ;)

The positions I will be in is serve as the head director, creator and developer of the game, Character Designer, Texturer, Rigger, Tester and Porter. The open positions are listed below. If you're interested into the positions, the only rule is that you need to at least have passionate experience with it, and then send me a message about that and then when negotiations work out, I will send you an invite to my Discord server to be part of our team to be able to share your work, ideas, etc. Anything in order to help me and my team proceed further on finishing the project.
The positions will also be freelancing work, no part-time, full-time postiotions, it's just a postition where you have your own hours and days to work on them when you receieve an assignment. So, you can still sleep in. :XD:


:bulletgreen:Assistant Director:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Programmers:bulletgreen: (2)

:bulletgreen:Camera Programmer:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Sound Composer:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Sound Porgrammer:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Animator:bulletgreen: (2)

:bulletgreen:Additional Graphics:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Writer:bulletgreen: (1)

:bulletgreen:Level Designer:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Screen Text Writer:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Tester:bulletgreen: (1)

:bulletgreen:Voice Over Extras (Voices for NPCs like enemies, people, etc.):bulletgreen: (1)

:bulletred:Voice Over Extras (Voices for NPCs like enemies, people, etc.):bulletred: (3)

:bulletred:Concept Artist:bulletred:

:bulletred:Sound Effects:bulletred:

:bulletred:Writer:bulletred: (1)

:bulletred:Tester:bulletred: (1)

:bulletred:Level Designer:bulletred:
The main voices for the Looney Tune Characters I will have plan to voice them will be until after we get mainstream success thropugh beta releases and such, if you have voice actor suggestions like Eric Bauza as Bugs bunny, Dee Bradely Baker as Daffy and such, then hit me up.
If you're interested into these positions, send me a note about it and we'll talk about it, be sure to prepare an example of your work before proceeding weith adding you to the position.
Let's have the excitement begin and let's live larger than life!

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

J.C. Thornton

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Which cartoon character is your guilty pleasure? 

43 deviants said Lola Bunny (Space Jam version)
23 deviants said Krystal (Star Fox)
21 deviants said Minerva Mink (Animaniacs)
18 deviants said Sally Acorn (Sonic)
15 deviants said Other (Please Specify)
11 deviants said Webby Vanderquack (DuckTales 1987)
11 deviants said Princess Peach (Mario)
10 deviants said Bubsy the Bobcat
1 deviant said Berri (Conker)
No deviants said Miss Prissy (Looney Tunes)


Thu Nov 15, 2018, 10:48 PM
Sandvich makes me STROOONG!!!
Thu Oct 11, 2018, 8:41 AM
happy birthday !!
Mon Oct 8, 2018, 2:36 AM
Mon Oct 8, 2018, 12:08 AM
Happy early birthday
Fri Oct 7, 2016, 12:43 AM
Yo I'm done coloring it!
Sun May 22, 2016, 9:03 PM
Sad good
Sun Dec 22, 2013, 5:24 AM



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