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Note: this contest was inspired after the Say Something Project. With full permissions, they allowed us to have the similar theme for this contest :)

All updates will be released here -> Updates

This contest is brought to you by jcroxas and ChallengeFuture Philippines

The Theme:

How do you see yourself 50 years from now? Or 100 years from now? or a thousand years from now? Do you want the future generation hear your messages for them? What will you tell them? And do you think that you will be able to say it to them personally? I bet not. Humans as we are, we cannot anymore live for a thousand years already. But they say that in no time, time machines will be invented [and that will be epicly cool i guess] but no one knows yet if that will be invented or not. But did you know that we can still send our messages for them? yes we do. With our arts, we can always let them hear our messages for them. So hop in and let’s have some fun sharing our stories and messages for them! =)

Remember, each one of us can have their own style of engaging ourselves for the future! No matter what we do, as long as it is made from the heart, then all of us will surely succeed in this kind of thing.


:cfplane: by jcroxas Please take note that this is a “Digital Art” contest only.

:cfplane: by jcroxas You are only allowed to submit 1 entry.

:cfplane: by jcroxas We are here to send inspirations and so, please refrain from dealing with rude arts and stuffs [you know what i mean]

:cfplane: by jcroxas Your entry must solely be for this contest only. Meaning, deviations submitted after April 13 will only be considered and you are not allowed to submit your entries to any other contests.

:cfplane: by jcroxas By submitting your entry, you will grant us us permission to post your information in our special blog post outside dA and the top entries will also be printed and be displayed in Ateneo de Zamboanga university and to the university partners of Challenge Future Philippines across the globe, if they wish to [of course, we will credit you]. This activity will be in line with the future activities of Challenge Future Philippines.

:cfplane: by jcroxas You must be a member of the DeviantART Community in order to join this contest as we will collect all the entries in a special folder.

:cfplane: by jcroxas The top 25 Semi Finalists for this competition will then be asked to submit the original picture file via email.


See this Facebook Album from Say Something Poster Project: Winners' Album

What to do?

:cfplane: by jcroxas Your message must be visible in your art! We need to see the phrase, line or the sentence of your message in your art. When you are going to use quotations or words from other people, please do credit them in your art but we advise you to make your own words for your arts.

:cfplane: by jcroxas Your art must be made in a rectangular format (portrait or landscape). No square formats please (as we will print this in our future gallery for CF Philippines.

:cfplane: by jcroxas Kindly link this article to your deviation (in your artist’s comments section)

:cfplane: by jcroxas We advise that you use at least 150 dpi for your art resolution, though this is not required.

:cfplane: by jcroxas Your submission must follow deviantART’s submission policies.

:cfplane: by jcroxas When you’re done, please make sure that you note me your  entries and wait for my reply if I already received it. In the event that you got no reply after 5 days, please don’t hesitate to note me again with your entry.

:cfplane: by jcroxas Should you have questions regarding this, do drop me a reply here on this forum thread -> Contest Forum Thread | all questions MUST all be asked here.


This contest will run from April 13, 2011 and will end on June 15, 2011 11:59 Philippine Standard Time.

:star: PRIZES :star:

If you still want to donate some prizes, please note me :thanks:

1st placer will receive:
:star: A Piece of Cake badge from Heidi
:star: Any instock t-shirt from deviantWEAR from PurpelBlur
:star: 1 Year Subscription from PrincessKooh
:star: 1170 Points from DAPoliticalForum, Thiefoworld, Deyys, Caedy, Emerald-Depths, znow-white, zungzwang, PrincessKooh
:star: Fan fiction from MagicoffMusic
:star: Black and White Chibi from TiaVon
:star: Full color commission from kaitastic
:star: A Chibi Drawing from xXNightRose14Xx
:star: Personalized Stamp from dhik-a

2nd Placer will receive:
:star: A Piece of Cake badge from Heidi
:star: Any dA Print for up to $10(+S&H) from PurpelBlur
:star: 6 Months Subcription from PixlPhantasy and PurpelBlur
:star: 895 Points from DAPoliticalForum,Thiefoworld, Caedy, Deyys, Emerald-Depths, SanguineEpitaph,PrincessKooh
:star: A Chibi Drawing from xXNightRose14Xx

3rd placer will get:
:star: A Piece of Cake badge from Heidi
:star: 4 Months Sub from Emerald-Depths and Damaged927
:star: 775 Points from PrincessKooh, DAPoliticalForum, Thiefoworld,Caedy, SilentKara, Emerald-Depths
:star: A Chibi Drawing from xXNightRose14Xx

All places will receive features from:

jcroxas, hiddendelights, zungzwang, MagicoffMusic, TiaVon, Katuend, Krissi001, TwiggyTeeluck, SanguineEpitaph, mzzyarts Astralseed, suzaku009, petrova, AlecWolfe, PixlPhantasy dhik-a, Caedy, TimberClipse, phoenixleo, miintinq, Gifted-Deviants, PixelRaccoon, Thiefoworld,YukiMizuno, Anoya, SilentKara, Emerald-Depths, PrincessKooh, rydi1689, GinkgoWerkstatt, Quolia, candymax, znow-white

And a special news article feature on Challenge Future Website

:star: The Judges :star:

From the DeviantArt community


From the ChallengeFuture Community

:cfplane: by jcroxas Jude Roxas from the Philippines
:cfplane: by jcroxas Danna Chavez from the Philippines
:cfplane: by jcroxas Zhikica Pagovski from Macedonia
:cfplane: by jcroxas Damjan Obal from Slovenia
:cfplane: by jcroxas Jatin Kataria from India
:cfplane: by jcroxas Damla Aktan from Turkey
:cfplane: by jcroxas Sayanee Basu from Singapore

The DeviantART Community Judges will first select the 25 Semi Finalists first and from that, we will then forward it to the invited panel of judges from the Challenge Future community and will let the two groups select the winners for this contest.

Remember that you will be judged according to the impact on both the message and artistic sides.

Just buzz me if you have questions! ;) let’s make this for the future!

Love from,
Jude|jcroxas and CF Philippines
© 2011 - 2021 jcroxas
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RawPoetry's avatar
I'm assuming that photography does not fall under the category of 'digital art' :XD:
Armonah's avatar
Your contest got featured here: [link] :)
Yay-123's avatar
is there a folder where we can see other entries?
Armonah's avatar
Hello :)

Your contest got featured in this news article: [link]
It's also being promoted through #TheContestClub's front page and blog
pixelizedfate's avatar
I think I'll try this~ :3
although my digital art skills are deteriorating because I haven't done anything for 10 months, lol :))
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
This sounds like a great idea! :aww:
MagicoffMusic's avatar
Great contest idea :).
Too bad i suck at digital art.

I'm only good at taken photographs and writing.
aww well. good luck to everyone who enters the contest :) :icongoodluckplz::
Fireflyhikari's avatar
When does the contest end?
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
You have a creative mind, twinnie. :huggle: Good luck hosting the contest.
taiyou-tsuki-hoshi's avatar
:shakefist: Digital Art!

Can't do :cries:
phoenixleo's avatar
:clap: updating my contest module!
Py-Bun's avatar
OMG! :iconyooyayplz: ....but wait, wha'happened to the other contest? :iconcuriosityplz:
emmett-and-me's avatar
Ill try- Even though I won't win :(
Kendralalala's avatar
I probably won't win but it is a beautiful concept I would like to try! Plus I need to update something... my gallery is so dusty.. :'''D :heart: I'll spread the word about this one.
MrChopiChong's avatar
Beautiful idea Jude! :love:
I can't wait to see how it goes, so good luck! :eager:

And yeah, like the previous commenters, I probably wont be able to do this well if at all... ):
BeehiveStudio's avatar
maybe I can donate a feature in :dartzine: next issue that is coming out on July 15th 2011 if you want =D to the three winners...

let me know so I can schedule the feature! :kiss:
DemoiselleDreamer's avatar
You had to make it digital art only didn't you Jude. :( And it seemed so fun. Good luck to our digital geniuses then. :heart:
jcroxas's avatar
sorry sis. but i will try to host a new contest soon which will be open for all ;)

getting the comment that i made for :devtajiii-chan:, sorry sorry if i had to make it for digital artists only. well, as you can see, the winners' pictures will be printed and we really need to assure that all pictures will meet the desired resolution so that the CF Philippines Gallery will meet its desired results.</a>

i hope you understand Sis :huggle:
DemoiselleDreamer's avatar
Haha that's okay I understand the reasons for it. Next one a traditional one please so I can get involved in your contests little bro. :D
Tajii-chan's avatar
I wish I could join.. but I'm incapable of doing any mediocre digital art ;;

I wish the best to all the contestants though! :heart:
jcroxas's avatar
but can you try Tajiii? :)

sorry sorry if i had to make it for digital artists only. well, as you can see, the winners' pictures will be printed and we really need to assure that all pictures will meet the desired resolution so that the CF Philippines Gallery will meet its desired results.

i hope you understand :huggle:
Tajii-chan's avatar
I can try if I find the time ^o^ I'm just not very confident in my digital skills ._.;

Ah no, it's completely understandable :love:
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