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Im alive

Mon Mar 28, 2016, 6:55 PM
Haha hello guys!

So what I am missing here? I know I've missed lots of contests, wth many of them are awesome! 

Send me links, his, hellos, and whatever! Really missing you all <3

Hello everyone!

Capturing special moments is important. Making memories unique is also important, hence, I want to help you re-live all the moments that you’d like to remember through my “Moments: Polaroid Series”. Please check the image for more details on my Valentine's Day commission offer.

Send me all your orders and queries at or drop me a note here.

Every commission will help me reach my goals now that I am a full time freelancer. Sharing this commission info will help me big time too! Looking forward to working with some of you.

NOTE: Turnaround time is at max 4 days so if you place an order this week, then I can guarantee that you'll have your image ready by next week!

Ad by jcroxas

Anyone living in Korea?

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 2:07 AM
Oh no. I'm not going there just yet. I hope, soon. Perhaps my love is just there waiting for me :giggle:


Hey guys, I was wondering if someone from my watchers and friends here are from Korea? Some of you know that I am a HUUUUGE Pokemon fan. I've been loving it since 3rd grade and I am 22 years old now and I'll still go head over heels for the franchise haha.

Apparently, there's an event happening there in Korea where in if you watch the Pokemon movie this movie 소원의 별 지라치 in Korea, you'll be given a code where you can redeem this little fella for your Pokemon XY Game:

Legendary Pokemon   Jirachi By Losseiscaminos-d72f by jcroxas

It's Jirachi and is one of my favorite Pokemons EVER!

However, I was also told about this: "I think a lot of the cinemas already closed the movie (since obviously it's not popular), but there maybe some cinemas that still show the movie!"

So perhaps, some of you from here have friends who have a spare Jirachi code(s) that they can give me or if you know someone who works at the cinema, with all those extra codes lying on the floor, then perhaps you can ask if you'll get 1 or some for me? XD 

Just a note: Jirachi is really raaaare. 

Thanks so much everyone! I hope someone from here can read this and will be able to help me. Let me know what you'd like in exchange for this request :'D

And if someone from here knows Sejun Park in real life, omg tell me I said HI to him :heart:


Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I did a series of Artist interviews during our Project Educate Week along with my C&C partner alexandrasalas. I interviewed Dreamwork's animation Arthur Fong, Sony Pictures Animation Sam Kallis, a famous Thai CG artist and illustrator Victorior and a Brazilian author who is working as a leader for various successful comic projects FelipeCagno.

Crafting your Story: From Ideas to ExecutionCrafting your Story: From Ideas to Execution – An Interview with Felipe Cagno
FelipeCagno is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Brazil, who is also crafting his own comic project, The Lost Kids, with his amazing team. It’s really a pleasure and such an honor to have him for this interview and to share all his experiences with regards to his success in crafting his own stories and executing them into a feasible comic book project. With this interview, I am hoping that you will be able to get some ideas on how to turn your ideas into a reality while keeping things the most important things in mind.

Hello Felipe! First of all, thank you so much for giving us some of your time here on deviantART for this special interview for Project Educate
FelipeCagno: It’s absolutely my pleasure, thank you for thinking of me, I’m flattered.
Regarding the Lost Kids comic book mini series,
    Tips and Tricks on Successful Character CreationTips and Tricks on Successful Character Creation – An Interview with Wanchana “Victorior” Intrasombat
Wanchana “Victorior” Intrasombat is a very talented illustrator, focusing on cute, whimsical and very imaginative artworks from Thailand. He is also a very talented concept artist and he is also well known for his wonderful character designs. Currently, he is working as a 2D freelance concept artist, character designer and illustrator and has been an art director/visual developer for a Coca-Cola commercial in Thailand.
Again, I am much honored to have this great experience of having this amazing guy for Cartoons and Comics Project Educate Week. The interview will be all about his ideas on character design and creation, tips and tricks and on how to have successful illustrations by bringing your own characters to life.
Website | 
    From Opportunities to a Steady Wonderful Career 
Samantha “Sam” Kallis is a Visual Development Artist at Sony Pictures Animation (Specifically for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2). She is also a part of the 2012 Nick Artist Program for exciting show projects such as “Spongebob Squarepants” and “Monsters VS. Aliens”. By being such a young professional, she encountered many opportunities in the past that helped her in building such strong foundations in achieving so many great things today, not only in her career, but also with finding something that she loves to do in order to be truly happy. With such an amazing and inspirational woman as Sam Kallis, I am very honored to present her for this interview as she talks about how to have the courage, the determination and the passion in fulfilling your dreams in life.
Website | Facebook |
   Modern Day Cartoons: Insights with Arthur FongModern Day Cartoons: Insights with Arthur Fong

DeviantART community, I am very honored and very pleased to announce that for today, we will be having Arthur Fong, a visual development artist at DreamWorks Animation Studios. He is part of the team who made us giggle with The Croods and made us feel with so much awe in The Rise of the Guardians especially to all the Jack Frost Fans out there. The interview will be all about some insights on the modern day cartoons and to see how the persons behind the cartoon shows that we love work and how they put so much effort in making us smiles each time we watch such great movies and shows.
Website | Facebook
 © All images and artwork are copyrighted Arthur Fong
Images were grabbed from Arthur's website (with permission)

All of the interviews gathered a great number of readers and I am happy that they were all well accepted by the DeviantART community. And it's definitely worth trying to do more so as we get to know more insights and various experiences from the people who are continuously making various creative fields alive.

So before anything else, I would like to ask a few questions:

  • Are you interested for more Artist/Writer interviews such as the 4 articles above?
  • If yes, then any persons/groups that you wish/hope to be interviewed?
  • Any particular details, ideas, thoughts for the interview that you wish to be included?
  • Feel free to suggest artists/writers without DeviantART accounts too! We'll make way to contact them ;)
I do hope that I can get a positive response from the community regarding this as we go along and plan the necessary steps if ever we decide to continue this. I cannot do this alone so I definitely need your help in forming more concrete ideas and plans for the future.

Please share the word as well. I will truly appreciate it :heart:

Thanks so much guys! And looking forward to hearing many things from you.


Your happiest moment recently?

Tue Jun 17, 2014, 5:57 PM
So I really wanted to test out the new Comments feature here on dA and I thought of, "Why not make it unique as well?"

So yeah, I want to know what are your happy moments recently? Did you meet a new friend or did you meet a friend from ages ago? Did your crush smile at you? Or did you go to the mountains and felt peace and calmness within you?

There are a lot of things that can make us happy. They can be grand moments but happiness is also found even in the simplest of times. What matters most is that you felt it and made you feel whole :')

go go go, let us know :eager:

Be happy! :heart:


Game of Thrones

Tue Jun 10, 2014, 11:31 PM
How is everyone?

I will be going home tomorrow and will be spending the next of the days in my hometown just in time for my Mama's 60th Birthday and Papa's father's day! Hooray! I'm so excited :'D

Anyway, I hope I got your attention with my journal title. I am very much aware that many of you here are Game of Thrones fans. My friend houoh is joining in a Threadless contest and we will definitely appreciate any help! 

Here's my friend's final design and so your votes and shares will definitely help! 

Please let me know in the comments section of this journal if you voted. You can always share this journal to your watchers too! ;) Thanks so much and I hope you are all doing well.



Wed Apr 2, 2014, 9:57 PM
So yeah, many artists are posting stuffs regarding paypal and thought of I could also use an extra help regarding my own account.

The card that is linked to my paypal account expired last month and I just had it renewed but the problem is that, it's still not activated (thanks to my ever trusty bank and their so called 'system upgrade', thousands of cards were affected since last week)

I do have an extra card though and i believe that I can still use it. However, i have some questions

When I add a new card, do I need to click "Add new bank" or the "Add new card" from my paypal account? I am not really sure as to how I should do it >_< I tried clicking the "Add new bank" but it only asked for my account number, bank name and ofcourse my name and that's it. Do they not need to know my card number or CVC code anymore? or or or,... i don't know :crying: Also, is the paypal 'verified' status connected to my account or is the status connected to my 'own card'? do i not need to verify my new card again?

Sorry if this is a bit confusing. I just don't know how to explain things well :/

but any help would be appreciated!

Also, I just need my paypal to withdraw and transfer my funds to my bank account. I don't buy stuffs with paypal if this helps! :)

With So Much Love II

Thu Jan 16, 2014, 6:35 AM

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well :) I would like to take this opportunity to share my favorite deviations from last year. I really intend to share this before December ended, but due to my vacation and stuffs, I was not able to make it but told myself that I must, in any way, find a way to share these amazing deviations that caught my attention throughout 2013.

This is my second year end feature and you can check the first one here and help me revisit all those golden feelings that I felt after seeing those feature pieces.

And to quote:

This collection is not just an ordinary collection for me. Do you know the feeling whenever you see something and you'll immediately have an indescribable feeling just by looking at that thing? It happens rarely on my part and that's why, I need a collection so I can collect and check them from time to time so I will remember the great feelings whenever I see something that makes me smile :) (Smile) These artworks gave me some of my deepest feelings towards an artwork, mostly mixed: sadness, happiness, eager joy, etc. Name it, and we'll have it Heart

Or basically, these artworks struck me big time the moment I saw them for the first time.

I really want to thank everyone for journeying with me last year and I look forward for a more optimistic and awesome 2014 ahead of us!


 Story Of A Boy. by 89pixels  A Sunny Day - Cover by redsama

The pond near the linden tree by Kyendo
Little Chief by alchemaniac Inspiration... by Lehanan

mermaids lovers by AngeniaC

Mademoiselle Rose - Character design by nati

Tales of Beedle the Bard by julvett

Poi Poi by KaelNgu


Wedding photos 3 by Pandaphobia First love by dorset
Aozora (Blue Sky) by CHESS-Studio So Long Old Friend by KatVanGent The Blue Ball Project by Cmotes

The Frog Prince by Alicechan Kohaku by Yaphleen

EXO-K - D.O by GetYourKrayon  EXO - Prince AU by AMSBT

The Journey Begins by daniellieske
House Gumball by MeTaa Never Let Me go 08 by Nesskain
Caught by BoozsheyFree!  Iwatobi Swim Club : Makoto Tachibana by Mistiqarts 
Backpack boy by Aka-Shiro

Winter walks by wchild
Nocturne Travel by Moonshen
pay our respects by yukihomu
Autumn by fear-sAs
Cloudy Comic by RoseyCheekes
Father's Footsteps by MarcoBucci
Dripping with Halloween - Black Light Makeup by KatieAlves

After the Rain by SaiyaGina
 100 Faces - Newest to Oldest by Nyanfood

5 seconds hug by Bad-Blood

Reflecting Infinity by borda Smudgetool walkthrough by griffsnuff

Max by Murph3


HELLO 2014!

Exploring Kalos: Add Me Up

Sat Nov 16, 2013, 8:57 PM
So I just bought Pokemon X though I am still unsure on how to use Friend codes, etc, I might as well share mine here so if you want to add me, then please do the favor (still don't know how :noes: im such a noob :B) and leave your codes here too if you want :meow:

Thank you and see you there!


Thu Nov 14, 2013, 5:39 AM
We just launched a new project via Edgar.

Screenshot by jcroxas

  • Are you an artist offering commissions and some proceeds will go to an organization to help the victims? Share it!
  • Are you here in the Philippines who invited some friends and helped repacked goods? Share it!
  • Do you want to say something about climate change and how we can minimize these tragic experiences? Share it!
  • Do you wish to say anything as we bring along postivity, message of hope and encouragement to those who need it? Share it!
These are just some of the instances as to why we started this project. We hope to collect stories that we can use to rebuild hope, love, trust and optimism especially to those who are greatly affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan.   

I do hope that you can help us gather stories because rest assured, these stories will eventually stay in our lives and will be forever here.

To know more about this project, click here

thanks so much for your time and I wish to read your stories there soon!

Love from the Philippines,

Poster Sizes Question: What is DIN?

Sun Oct 13, 2013, 12:31 AM
Im such a total newb. I tried googling for it but I can't find a single page where it tells me all about it.

What if you'll have a special project and you were ask to illustrate something and should be good for print in "DIN 0" poster, then what should be the dimensions for it? All i know that it's gonna be a big one, but yeah, what'll be the file dimensions? Any help will be appreciated :)

thanks guys!

5 years and counting

Wed Oct 2, 2013, 10:07 PM
Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.58.23 AM by jcroxas


Hipster Jude + Contest

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 13, 2013, 5:47 PM

I Love Mako Chan

Hai everyone c:

My hipster me just too over my personality. I joined in a contest and I hope that you'll help me advance to the final stage c: Here's my entry:

Live Your Dreams by jcroxas
it's supposed to be "live your dreams AND be with magic" :stare:

How to vote?

  • Go to this link
  • Scroll down and you'll see this button at the bottom of the edited picture and click it
Capture by jcroxas
  • You will be redirected in a new page and they will ask for your email address. Just type it in there and we are all set!

Thanks guys c:

Origami Challenge

Do you love or would you like to love origami? Trust me, it's soooo lovable! :heart: My friend and the adorable synconi is hosting a brand new origami challenge with the theme: Boldly fold as you've never folded before

Check it out here and be sure to fave it and spread it around + if you can join then it will be better! :la:

New Works

Check out my new works! :aww:

I'm Happy When I'm Hiking by jcroxas  [nameless trainer] by jcroxas  

love y'all!


Do you speak a language other than English?

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 31, 2013, 7:49 PM

I Love Mako Chan

Hello guys!

I have a special project that I'd like to start asap. :D

If you speak other languages other than English, can you please help me translate these?

  • Blinking Blocks (blinking as in blocks that flash many many rainbow colors [1 color at a time])
  • Paper Airplanes / Paper Planes
Just tell me in the comments the translation and what language you are using. thank you soooo much guys!!! :D

 If someone knows Japanese, please give me an idea on this :nod: but yeah, I am open to many many translations from different languages (French, German, Italian, Greek, Korean, Chinese, etc etc etc). thank you once again :aww:



Calling all geeks and all the techy guys out there :____:

I'll make this really short and quick. So the thing is, my hard drive is not responding. Though I can still see in the "Safely Remove" section on windows, my hard drive is not showing up on my Windows explorer. But when I checked the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management, I saw this:

Hdd by jcroxas

So the status of my HDD is now UNALLOCATED and I really don't want to repartition this as I will definitely lose all my files.  I was able to still use this yesterday but after plugging it in in a Macbook Pro, i cannot access it anymore. We were able to do this without any problems before so I didn't have any "fear" of plugging it in a MAC laptop again. IDK if that was the reason, but it just happened that it was the case, so I am telling this as it might help us see the possibilities.

So my question is, is there any way to recover all my files? T___T like omg, I really need all those files :( I'm way too dead serious on how to fix this. I'll appreciate your help for this matter. Thanks a lot guys!

Also, my external hard drive is: Western Digital 

I havent checked this yet with my laptop as I am using my work station. But i am using Win 7.

Thanks guys! love y'all!

Thanks to everyone who participated on the mini contest :giggle:

Before I reveal the five true lies (ironic i know), let's take a look at the top "3 Lies" based from the answers of the participants.

  1. 13 out of 18 think that "I am an occasional smoker." is a lie.
  2. 9 out of 18 think that "I watch Barbie movies" is a lie.
  3. And sharing the 3rd place, some think that these are lies:
    • I've never been inside a Starbucks shop and never had the chance (not even once) to taste their coffee.
    • I had a recent fascination with men's handbags.
    • I was forced to dye my hair in grade school for a school play.
    • I was excited when I first donated blood.
Seriously people, you think that "I am 21 years old and I am not a virgin anymore." is true? :stare::lmao: For crying out loud! :lmao:


  1. I can Swim 
    • (Though I love the ocean, I cannot and do not know how to swim) :B
  2. I am 21 years old and I am not a virgin anymore 
    • (;p :eyes:)
  3. I am a huge Nutella fan and I think that it is the best spread in the whole world! :heart: 
  4. I am an occasional smoker.
    • (I don't smoke and I dont drink. ;))
  5. I was forced to dye my hair in grade school for a school play.
    • (Naaaah. I will never allow that :B)

PixlPhantasy almost got everything correctly :XD:

A little on the truths, yes, I love the Ocean and i wanted to be a Marne Biologist and to prove the merpeople's existence. I met namenotrequired in a stopover in Amsterdam last year and 1 sidedly loved someone in college for 4 f*cking years! I was never admitted in a hostpital and never been into a Starbucks shop and never drank anything from the store. I AM AFRAID OF SPONGEBOB. was. i think still. but let's just say "WAS". and yeah, I watch Barbie movies. :B haha If you see me crying (as I am emotional in real life), you can give me a bed with many pillows and I will be super duper happy already! 8D


:spotlight-left: Epicninja117 and bd670816 :spotlight-right:

Thanks for participating! Winners will receive 150 :points: each :)

No More DD Suggestions please. As you can see, I am now back as a Senior Member so Id like to thank everyone for supporting me with my 10 months of stay as a Community Volunteer for the Cartoons and Comics gallery. In the meantime, send your suggestions to alexandrasalas until Moonbeam13 finds someone who can help Alex :)

Before I end this, Azzedar-san is selling a wonderful comic art book. If you are interested, please check this: 
Comic book is still availableI would like to say huge thank you for all pre-orders and advertisements *______* I'm sooo touched!!! You're all lovable, ahaha!!!  You still can order but there are only few books in stock. So pls do not miss the chance ^__^ 
Do you remember stories of Wayfarers? Now the chance of order is available!! However it got a new title: The shine of the land. And what's this? This is a comic book with many happenings, sex and actions :iconleleleplz: It will be only printed in the next month with limited copies. IT WILL NEVER GET REPRINTED, so this is your only chance.
A half-elf warrior (Azzedar) and a drow rogue (Lunareth) become inseparable mate by a "curse" of talisman. Will they be able to bring the curse end or do they need to grow up to get their normal life back? It's a story with full of adventure, action and eroticism. &

Thanks everyone! Love you all.




mirz333 posted this on twitter and I thought that this is fun:lol:

So I still have some spare points here so I thought of having this as a contest as well. XD This is just for fun! :la: 


  • I will be posting 25 facts about me. But there's a catch. Only 20 things are the real "facts". Meaning, 5 out of 25 are lies.
  • Figure out which among the 25 items are the lies. Just give me the numbers in the comments section.
  • Deviants who will enumerate 5 lies in the comments below will be automatically included in the raffle. Answers with less than or more than 5 items will be disqualified
  • Only 1 comment  per person. However, you can talk to other players by replying to their comments :meow:
  • Once your guess is posted, I'll give you a number for the raffle.
  • Have fun!


  • In the event that a person can guess all the lies correctly, he/she will win 200 points (only one person can win this)! + 2 winners with 100 points each (via the raffle)
  • but if no one can guess  all the five lies, I will be giving 150 points each to two winners
  • winners will be chosen via the
  1. I love the ocean.
  2. I can swim.
  3. My first trip abroad was last year and met a deviant friend during our stopover in their country in Europe.
  4. I one-sidedly loved someone in college for 4 years.
  5. I was never admitted in a hospital.
  6. I almost drowned and almost died once.
  7. I am 21 years old and I am not a virgin anymore.
  8. I've never been inside a Starbucks shop and never had the chance (not even once) to taste their coffee.
  9. I love K-pop and anime.
  10. I was afraid of Spongebob.
  11. One of my dreams is to become a Marine Biologist and to prove that mermaids do and still exist.
  12. I am a huge Nutella fan and I think that it is the best spread in the whole world! :heart:
  13. I won a silver medal in a national poetry writing competition in sixth grade.
  14. I have some pet fish at home.
  15. I am an occasional smoker.
  16. I think that I might be suffering from a sleep disorder called Sleep Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  17. I was excited when I first donated blood.
  18. I watch Barbie movies
  19. I still own a diary. (like a real diary)
  20. I had a recent fascination with men's handbags.
  21. You can make me happy if you give me a bed with MANY pillows!
  22. I was forced to dye my hair in grade school for a school play.
  23. I love Pokemon!
  24. I am a dramatic and emotional person in real life.
  25. I tried making a novel once.
Contest will end on Sunday Philippine time.

:giggle: Good luck! Here is Mirz's contest:…


I'll check your notes soon

Wed Jul 17, 2013, 6:43 PM
Hey guys!

Just a quick update: i had a limited internet access since last week and til August 2 so my apologies for not replying to your notes. I will however spend my day on Saturday checking everything and schedule ALL DDs on the same day.

Whipping my hair back and forth,

Hello! I'm back 8D

Thu Jul 4, 2013, 5:00 PM
So hey guys!

Sorry for my sudden hiatus. I was busy preparing for my requirements for a new job (yes, I'm gonna start working away from my room :dummy:) hehe

wish me luck everyone!

Also, I'll be checking my notes soon and will schedule DDs before I leave my place. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep em coming! :eager:

Anime news:
I just finished watching Uta No Prince sama and heck it was really good. Free! started the other day and Brother's Conflict a day before Free's premiere episode. heck, so many bishies lately :iconnosebleedingplz:

Anyway, I miss you all! Hope all is well :aww:

Your DD Suggestions are important

Thu May 9, 2013, 11:11 PM
Hello guys. Just a quick update.

I've been very busy lately with lots of stuffs. I'm refreshing my animation notes and I've been studying again like crazy. 

Your Daily Deviations suggestions will then become very very important to me now because I don't have much time to browse deviantart like the way I used to before as I need to focus, focus and focus. Your DD Suggestions will help me help fill the DD Page with deviations from the Cartoons and Comics gallery and helping artists gain exposure.

So if you'll see something that you believe to be DD worthy, just shoot it to me via a note so I can check

Thanks guys! I'm still alive btw.

Much love,

The one on the left :iconnosebleedingplz: