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Turn-A-Bout is Fair Play

By JCRobin
Well, this was created for many reasons, the main one being that I just can't stand all the Kurtty that has Kitty suddenly realize Kurt's always been the one for her and leap into his arms. I like to think it's a slow, unnerving process for both of them (most likely developing after Season 4) and, also, that Kitty is GENUINELY attracted to him and not just seeing PAST the demon thing.

That and I like the idea that he's oblivious and she's the one who has to hide her feelings or pursue :evillaugh:

So, for those reasons and because I don't draw enough sexy Kurt. Mmmmmm....male anatomy....

Panels 3+4 FTW!

Kurt and Kitty belong to Marvel
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SorasGirl1595's avatar
i would be like Kitty if i was in that situation
Ellyse185's avatar
Kurt has no idea, does he?
cindys-broken-glass7's avatar
"faints" . . . . . . from over exposiure to pure sexiness.I LOVE YOU KURT!!! PLEASE DATE ME!!!
inu-mutt's avatar
I would give you my kurt doll but.....HE'S MINE!!!!!! (insert evil laugh)
(runs away and hides him)
MINE I SAY..........MINE!!!!!!!!!!
inu-mutt's avatar
sexy alert
I think your right in that description of it being an unnerving process
and I love the looks on their faces >w<
kurt is oblivious of the internal conflict he is causing kitty
and that makes you love them all the more
Animematchmaker411's avatar
Turn about is fair play. Plus Kitty had really great timing!
FoxInAShoe's avatar
you should so do this as a comic, you know like one with few pages. It would be so good to see some more of topless (or more so) kurt! (: Panel 3=win
Gambitgirl1974's avatar
panel 3 = my own personal heart attack!

love it!
Kirkinfleffer's avatar
I gots a suprise for you! You are offically one of my favorites! You get have CONDRADULATIONS spelled in big letters at you for your pirize!
ZandriaXoX's avatar
Nummy shirtless Nightcrawler. ^_^
soffyaa's avatar
oh dear, your kurt is even hotter than the marvel one.
and you totally kick asses at drawing him shirtless!
ZandriaXoX's avatar
Can I just say: YUM! You should draw more shirtless Kurt, you obviously rock at it!

Cool way to show this scene, I found it more than a little enjoyable.
Naussica55's avatar
^^ you're right some people make kitty throw herself in his arms....... maybe i do, maybe not........
I agree with you, and I have to tell you that I positively LOVE your signature!!!
Naussica55's avatar
thanks so much! ^^
Naussica55's avatar
omg he's sooo HOT! I luv it! plz un-scrap this and color it! I mean, the blue makes Kurt way cuter!
Nightcrawler459's avatar
*stares at Kurt in awe*
Oooh, honey I think I'm about to fall over right now. x.x
GoldFox20's avatar
Oh man... I forgot to comment on this one! I LOVE Kurt's look in the secnd panel and of course, he is so sexy looking!
:thumbsup: TERRIFIC job!
MarillaNieriel's avatar
:giggle: This is cute and funny at the same time. My favorite kind of comic. :D
musicsuperspaz's avatar
you really should un-scrap this and color it!
your Kurt is hot!
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