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I am hereby making up a new word: Palaeontography - the representation of old life.

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"Palaeoart" (a term used for art representing fossil life forms) means "old art". This is undeniably silly, because much of it is brand-new. The word comes from jamming together 'palaeontology' ("study of old life") and 'art' in an incoherent fashion. Really, it should be "palaeontoart", which means "old life art", but which unfortunately sounds silly.

So, I've been thinking, and I think I'm going to found the new field of palaeontography, and call myself a palaeontographer. Rolls of the tongue, and gets rid of "art" in the word, which is English, and sounds less professional and mysterious.

Palaeontographer I am then.

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It works fine in french also, paléontographe, ou paléontographiste. (because "graphe" sounds a bit like the name of a machine).