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Tupandactylus imperator

By jconway
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Tupandactylus imperator, a pretty big cretaceous pterosaur, with a crazyinsane head crest of megaepic proportions.
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Wow Nice. Love the colors
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I imagine this painting hanging on a wall in some expensive hotel or sea resort, as if the animal is alive today and not millions of years ago!
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What a rather fantastic painting!
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Beautiful image, so graceful and powerful
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Wow, you make it look beautiful!
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One of my favorite paintings of yours... The light makes the sea almost move before my very eyes!
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Crazyinsane megaepic headcrest.
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I love the old worn panel painting look. There's so many like that of swans and ducks, this is a very appropriate entry in that tradition!
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I love how nature challenge the bounds of our logic.
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Not really; pterosaur were truly airheads
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What the hell are you talking about?
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*sigh* well it's a bit of a long story. for a while now, i've been drawing dinosaurs. one day I created a tapejara named ritsu. this was before I found out that THAT species of tapejara was changed to Tupandactylus ^^; here's a picture of him [link] i know he dosnt look a thing like your picture, but they're the same species so I just couldent resist. he's actualy baced of this picture [link]
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How on earth did this species ever existed? I bet it's head would not be at all helpful when airborne. Apart from that, even though it is a realistic representation of that creature, it is an admirable work of art :) :clap:!
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It has been suggested it spend most of its time on the ground, thus it didn't had to worry about being very aerodynamic
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Smart people are trying to figure that out. They are making some progress...
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Really lovely lighting, although I have to confess that when I first glanced at the small version, it stuck me as studio lighting in front of an ocean backdrop (paletontophotography?). The large image revealed its true artistic glory.
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Love the coloration and pattern on that head crest! The way the legs are tucked forward (preparatory to landing?) gives it a very alien feel, which is a cool juxtaposition with your naturalistic and convincing treatment of this real-life animal.
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That crest is crazy huge! I must admit, when I first saw this, I thought it was in natural media...and then I looked at the category, I am much impressed by the way you painted this. =)
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Totally gorgeous, love the lighting/atmosphere. Almost like it's a painting of an AMNH diorama.
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