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Tropeognathus mesembrinus

By jconway
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*nemo-ramjet commented that a lot of my pterosaur pictures look like those classic paintings of WW2 fighters. So I decided to go the whole hog!

Anyway, the pterosaur is Tropeognathus mesembrinus, with the body modeled on Anhanguera. I've gone with my more customary "Cunningham" membrane configuration, which looks pretty sweet on these guys.
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I remember the first time i saw this painting in 'DINOSAUR ART the worlds greatest paleoart' and I was showing all my friends... I was 12 at the time and I still love this painting
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I agree with PCA, this is majestic and awesome.
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Good work on this flying reptile. ^^
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Pretty colours! :D
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I love the angle, and the colors are beautiful. Lovely work :D
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Very dramatic and inspiring image, I love it :)

The nuances of the discussions about the how and why of wings, membranes, skin... fascinating. But way over my head, so I just enjoy your paintings as what I perceive them to be: Glimpses in a possible past.

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Amazing :) I'd love to see your version of the newly discovered pterosaur someday:

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It's on it's way!
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Heh, the foreshortening, colors and details are great. There should have been 2 pterosaurs in a dogfight for the total WWII feel...

Did this get reclassified to Ornithocheirus?
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Genus level taxonomy is stamp-collecting. And while I ain't got nothing against philately, it's not something I take seriously.
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Love it. Truly beautiful.
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You do mean Ornithocheirus mesembrinus, no?

Nomenclatural pedantics aside, this is completely awesome. I like the minute details in the wing structure that can be seen. I really need to gain a better foothold on the newly-published nuances of pterosaur musculature and wing anatomy before I can hold my head up among the other pterosaur people out there.
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Well if it's not the type species (and hell, even if it is), it's all hand-waving. Tropeognathus is a cool name.

You know I think Chris Bennett and I are the only ones working of pterosaur musculature in and systematic way. His forthcoming paper should be pretty much the entire state of the art.
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Well, I'll probably be seeing Bennett at Paleofest next month, so I might get a better idea of matters then. Unfortunately, I have long suspected he trashes my correspondence along with that of Dave Peters, so I don't know how he would take my curiosity in pterosaur musculature in life.
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Heh, well he's sometimes not so forthcoming in real life... so I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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This is amazing! I can never understand how you can pull off these wonderfully foreshortened poses.

By "going the whole hog, do you mean you are going to do pictures on ALL PTEROSAURS?!?!?
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No, I meant I was going to do the most WW2-fighterish pterosaur I could.
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In this case, it certainly has that feeling. But it has to be pulling up from a smouldering wreck of a Panzer in the background! :)
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