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Jehol Biota
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Published: September 21, 2010
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This is the second of my animated paintings done for the launch of Ontograph Studios.

A representation of the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota from some of the largest fossils to the smallest. At the largest scale you can see the ornithopod dinosaur Jinzhousaurus yangi, while the anurognathid pterosaur Jeholopterus ningcchengensis flies through the centre. Closer in you can see that Jeholopterus is hunting the ichneumon wasp Tanychora beipioensis, which is covered with the pollen Protoconiferous funarius.

It was made with a series of Photoshop paintings at progressively smaller scales, which were stitched together and animated in After Effects.
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ariieveHobbyist General Artist
this is incredible! really amazing work youve done here!
ThatDinosaurGuy's avatar
That was the definition of detail.
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CeratopsiaStudent General Artist
Sometimes, your artwork is just too amazing for words...
This is trully one of the most amazing pieces of Paleoart I have ever seen Clap 
BlackBird123456's avatar
That's... that's fucking amazing. I have no words.
keelen6's avatar
Wow.  That's amazing, it's such a seamless stitch, I almost thought it was all in ONE painting :O
Falken02's avatar
truly amazing but i don't get it, why so much detail for something that cannot be seen.....
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TheDilophoraptorHobbyist General Artist
Did you paint like every cell i mean seriously, That Detail!
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madmadman01 General Artist
daaamn. you own.:) (Smile) 
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Sheather888Hobbyist Digital Artist
....This, this is the most farking awesome thing I have ever seen.. ever! D:

Wow. Just so epic.
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roukaryuHobbyist Traditional Artist
such great detail. how did you do it? it's beautiful!
ArganonStringgrove's avatar
ArganonStringgroveHobbyist General Artist
I am in awe. I love anything prehistoric and I love art. This truly captures both. While watching it, I kept thinking "Can he get closer?" The blending of the images into one long sequence was flawless. Needless to say, I am very impressed.
bensen-daniel's avatar
Aside from what everone else has said (about the lovely colors, the smooth, three dimensional, movement-filled forms of the animals, etc) I really appreciate the message here that paleontology isn't all about big dinosaurs. Zoom in and there will always be something interesting.
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micaiProfessional Digital Artist
Wow what a splendid rendering! It was quite the experience seeing the image zoom more, and then more... Very well done, and intriguing!! :D
Paleo-King's avatar
Paleo-KingProfessional Traditional Artist
A masterpiece! Who knew two archosaurs, an insect and some pollen could be so amazing!
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RaptorArtsProfessional Artisan Crafter
Absolutely amazing :wow:
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pilsatorHobbyist Traditional Artist
This just blew my mind. It actually blew my mind when everything zoomed in at this tiny flyspeck-like pterosaur and made it appear as an adorable little anurognathid, and the rest was just too much. Hard to do this piece of super-HD-palaeontocinematography justice with words. Alongside with the nyctosaur piece, it's truly a new kind of paleoart.

Besides, absolutely beautiful colors. Although it's clearly your own style, I found the colors and composition a bit reminiscent of GSP's paintings.
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MattMartHobbyist Digital Artist
Totally awesome. Absolutely love the initial landscape painting, any plans to upload these separately?

Hate to nitpick something so perfect otherwise but Jeholopterus is from the Daohugou beds... You could lengthen the tail a bit and call it Dendrorhynchoides? :)
jconway's avatar
Oops, you're right, now why did I think it was Yixian? Or maybe this scene was right on the border, right? Right?
MattMart's avatar
MattMartHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, well you're not alone, I frequently see the earlier-discovered Daohugou taxa lumped in with the Yixians, probably because so many people considered the two formations fairly equivalent for a while. But now it's pretty widely accepted that Daohugou is Oxfordian-Tithonian, so no border between the two unfortunately.
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It's so cool that you can do this!! :D I really enjoyed it. It's nice to see you using bolder colours for once.

I also realised how important music is for any animation. I watched the first half in silence and I felt it was going way too slow, then it occurred to me to turn on the music, and well, I was able to enjoy it properly after that.
jconway's avatar
Yeah, it's not really intended just to be watched like this, it should be set to narration, or playing in the background.
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JohnFaaStudent Writer
Are you planning to upload a picture that focuses on the other anurognathid?

Because I would enjoy to apreciate it in more detial :)
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I just wanted to keep on going - through bacteria down to sub-atomic particles.
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