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Deinonychus antirrhopus Pair

By jconway
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A pair of Deinonychus antirrhopus under a ginko tree.

Photoshop CS over an oil painting
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All Yesterday's is a huge inspiration for me. Between atomnatically rigorous depictions of dinosaurs and softer, naturalistic approaches, I always try to find something in between.
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I absolutely love this picture. When ever I'm browsing DeviantArt I end up looking at it eventually. Its nice to see someone construct a Deinonychus realistically.
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So bird like.Nice!:D
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Down to the ankles, eh?

*goes to make revisions*

Mounting evidence shows those sorts of theropods had feathers covering most of the legs....Pedopenna, Microraptor, and so on...I usually just feather down to the knees...
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Are those lips? :o
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Are what lips? There is some debate as to whether theropods had lips - I haven't kept up with it to be honest. I've drawn a sort of protobeak here.
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So they aren't. :lol: I was just about to ask whether a protobeak is made of beak material, but I'd sound too much like the n00b that I am. Oh...wait. I just did.
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Well yeah it would be keratin - but as far as I know it's still pretty speculative. I'm not really the man on theropods (or dinosaurs in general) anymore, so I could be wrong about stuff.
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If you're not the man... then who? Now really, a whole account dedicated to them shows more than a passing mood. What happened?:)
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Adorable. If one can use the word 'adorable' in reference to a D. antirrhopus. Which I'm sure I can. The coloring rather reminds me of live the 'I can be camofalgued in black and white because no othe animals can see color' sort of way.
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Too much feather for my taste. But still a great painting!
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I'm not sure it's so much a matter of taste as inference based on evidence. All the evidence so far indicates that deinonychosaurs had arm feathers forming "wings" and feathers on their legs to their ankles.
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yes im aware of that; just that your drawing and my mental picture of the Deinonychosaurs is a bit different that's all.
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are the feathery legs modeled after microraptor?
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Yeah, partly. Archaeopteryx too.
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