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Anthracosaurus russeli
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Published: October 18, 2010
So, I bought a book: The Rise of Amphibians by Robert Carroll; which is excellent in many ways, the most important being tons and tons of skeletal reconstructions. On page 88 I found a drawing of what has to be one of the most awesome (in the thirteen year old boy sense) skulls on, like, any animal, like, ever... dude. Ahem... anyway, here it is, the Demon Newt of Doom*, the tyrannosaur of slimy carboniferous swamp dwellers, the terror of undersized vertebrate and oversized invertebrate alike, the one, and possibly of many: Anthracosaurus russeli in all it's pterygoidal toothy glory!

*Yes I know it's not a newt you nerds.
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morbiusx33Hobbyist Photographer
Cool--The Rise of Amphibians by Robert Carroll is a pretty pricey tome!
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*Yes I know it's not a newt you nerds.  You sound like you expect someone to call you down on that.  LOL.  Believe me, to quote a semi-famous American president.  "I feel your pain."  LOL.
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Amazing! I like this guy!

However, do you really think it would have kicked the undersides of Meganeura and Arthropleura more often than not?
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MidiaouHobbyist General Artist
He ledt da. No response will be recieved. Sorry
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Wait, so it wasn't just the uploading of pictures?

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LouisetheanimatorStudent Filmographer
Good artwork ^^
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Ridiculous amount of teeth...
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Amazing! Any more primitive amphibian predators on the way by chance?
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I live in the South and it's currently summer. This thing looks like a pussy compared to the shit I've seen here.
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Eeh, it's the size of a large gator. I mean, I know quite a few people (including myself) who would probably pee themselves if they saw this guy.
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Very well done! I love the age of amphibians. Pity there are few big ones left.
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HUBLERDONHobbyist General Artist
(in my best Nigel Marvin impression) IT'S A SWAMP MONSTAAAAAA!!! I'm gonna poke it with a stick!

Great art! Cube heard scientists recently uncovered a "predator trap" where a whole pack of utahraptors died trying to bring down and ornithopod. Can you draw a utahraptor pack attacking an ornithopod, if you take requests?
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PhiloceratopsHobbyist General Artist
Love it.
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JokerCarnage5Hobbyist General Artist
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Recently got a book with this work of art featured in it. Anthracosaurus looks like a nasty creature: were its teeth really that large?
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TheDilophoraptorHobbyist General Artist
i thought the one in the background and the foreground where the same one.
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madmadman01 General Artist
friggin scary, great job!
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Ladymedusa218Hobbyist General Artist
Shocked this species hasnt been in a B rate horror movie yet! Demon newt of doom is a perfect name for it!!
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543Bs0ZaProfessional Digital Artist
reminds me of an ex gf
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That's why I hate swimming
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