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Black and white is a broad adjectival term used to describe a number of monochrome forms of visual arts. Most forms of visual technology start out in black and white, then slowly evolve into color as technology progresses.

Black and white as a description is also something of a misnomer, for in addition to black and white most of these media included varying shades of grey. Further, many prints, especially those produced earlier in the development of photography, were in sepia (mainly to provide archival stability), which gave a richer, more subtle shading than reproductions in plain black and white, although less so than color.


Alright, this is the second selection of black and white photography, and this is also the volume of features that moved some of my watchers to suggest me that I should post my two latest journals in the form of news articles; maybe this is more inspirational, or maybe it's just that more deviants took a look at this one... I don't know! All I know is that I like the first volume as much as this second one. And it is my desire that you like this one, too.

As I previously stated, in the first place I didn't intend to make of this a news article (I didn't even thought about it then), it all just started only as selections of black and white features in my journal; so, even when this article is under the category "Art News > Photography" you'll find that among these 99 deviations there are 4 that aren't photos (sorry about it)... but hey! they're in black and white!

I intend to do this again, so there'll be a third volume. I haven't done it yet -not even in my journal- so I really don't know when I'll be submitting it here, but I hope it's going to be soon. Very soon...


Square (13 Deviations)

la sieste by prismes Waiting for the time to come by ssuunnddeeww:thumb68692798:

Mature Content

moon by bubble-gum-heart by RedMagda ...only one look by photomarker Square by beddy Book Lover by EvilxElf light by KonradC dancing figures by NuclearSeasons mar sea by wasted-photos:thumb42426802:

Horizontal (46 Deviations)

:thumb61360377::thumb45331151: NYC 10 by Dr007 Misty South Bank by SilverSidhe Kazi Choppers - TwinTwin 2 by kazirules:thumb39166044: Untitled nlb by Extravaganca I Hate Bad Music by akuba:thumb33390417: simple by Eliara Selfdom by er0k Girls at Piano by padraig13:thumb24673292: Bee Jay by hartless Boredom by swallowingwords Soldiers' Boots by onelook Faith Paints Her Nails by RavenMacabre Wind by GGpictureTakings:thumb24317462: teeter by FigoTheCat Trolebus by Jazbeck Glass by latten still rain fell by HealYourself K5 by offshore city life by play-my-game these are the few by mrtso Looking For You by q3aki You wear suffocating words by floydianwaves Black and White Fractal 1 by MysticrainbowStock:thumb58549862::thumb53732196::thumb47090682: Watching by Kirshiite Protection by -xades- Palatal Guide by emrerende London Eye by sabotazystka Eyes in Eyes by YuriBonder slipygurl monochrome profile by br3w0k:thumb57345219::thumb50713375: once upon a time.... by Jinxxxi Don't by cha-feily la flaque d'eau. by moumine

Vertical (40 Deviations)

:thumb34123862: Relax by beddy:thumb41072141::thumb41716418::thumb33174171::thumb37522642: The vision by brightsoul:thumb31232602::thumb33345831: Hope and Fear:  Part I. by trinket:thumb19631151: Observatory by rapidvision lonely walk by maromar sam6 by dancingperfect marked by music by amanda-johnson 054 by tiki1:thumb50262112: joanna2 by benoitcoffin black white by ugurers Giant by Rossano1971 apathy by pipka:thumb50109003: by Whensilencefalls .........and bells on her toes by ShipwreckedBarnacles :: AIRA wants to Ride :: by CedZ:thumb49244964::thumb57986271::thumb56382475: Drive by Laumoon walking alone by karyokinez .personal confusion. by Rijama Sangria by Jessica1986 fashion 4 by sinchukoff the house by andrewfphoto Dirty Epic by ktesnuko:thumb77385796::thumb43648463:

Previously Released:
99 Pieces Of Black & White Photography | Vol.01
ramaeschlimann Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
¡Muy buena selección! :thumbsup:
Sehr gute Auswahl! :thumbsup:
Very good selection! :thumbsup:
kaylagwenie09 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008  Professional Photographer
you did an amazing job =]
I like the pictures you chose =]
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Really nice! :clap:
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