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Black and white is a broad adjectival term used to describe a number of monochrome forms of visual arts. Most forms of visual technology start out in black and white, then slowly evolve into color as technology progresses.

Black and white as a description is also something of a misnomer, for in addition to black and white most of these media included varying shades of grey. Further, many prints, especially those produced earlier in the development of photography, were in sepia (mainly to provide archival stability), which gave a richer, more subtle shading than reproductions in plain black and white, although less so than color.


I've already posted this first volumen of black and white photography in my journal a few weeks ago. Then I did the same again with other 99 deviations creating thus the second volume. And it was after that last volume when several deviants suggested me to make some news articles out of the journals and that's why i find myself here submmitting this. I just think it is a great idea!

And as I previously alluded to, this is only the first volume, but I'll be submitting the second one in no time. And there'll be more than two volumes, that's for sure. It is my truest wish that you may find this features quite enjoyable!...


Square (26 Deviations)

Discovering dark tunnels. by Be-at Rainy April in London by defiancetotale Take me away by audeladesombres:thumb91053824::thumb72263202::thumb87437628: Dom by Kleemass:thumb90920201: wayside flowers.. by Menoevil man + lamp + stairs by anjelicek Hana+Monika by Cartien:thumb88847682::thumb65610606: Karo-lina_03 by hellwoman 34 by illeg4le ::: my HOusE ::: by twELveRN:thumb75757697: 7.25pm by islandtime:thumb88625949::thumb91129344: Alena. August. 2006 by bakhvalov Agata No. 13 by franekchrzonszcz:thumb29979948: Break by ISO25 Dial tone by CatchMe-22

Horizontal (44 Deviations)

Patience Wake by peewee82 Moniq. by sirlorak e m p t i n e s s by imxanxillusion raluca by memelsteak soft dreams by Lucem Bern 7340 by MichalTokarczuk Novigrad b and w panorama by ivancoric Omands Creek 03 by colinpvandenberg Emily Haines - f o u r by dersputnik:thumb89723439::thumb81618526::thumb80520362: What a long day... by poisonunic .written on the sky. by Rijama:thumb71362901::thumb82539967: Skogafoss by flemmens:thumb65844019: Formula 1 by Balboulloude:thumb21047243: Crunchy apples chocolate by defiancetotale cinema by sinchukoff business by sinchukoff Karma Police by Kel-----Bel:thumb81640919::thumb61772612: Chill me out by vejitatoja Inside Trap by TikiLlanes lines by Elipa Under The Eye of the Tower by stijn:thumb85088795: feme bridge by carollaa Simple Poses - Annaling 01 by Ejun Silver Lake by themobius black and white by negriis anxiety by grafitomane Pause by Laumoon Rainy Morning, Midtown by maxlake2:thumb70590430: Rome by nasht-01:thumb79183993::thumb87064840: Blending in. by DafoeofLenin

Vertical (29 Deviations)

:thumb31475506: marry had a little lamb.. by beberni Sweetness sleepless. by Be-at:thumb83696723::thumb89401874: Her White Calf 02 by colinpvandenberg lovely by mrtso Fear by valentina85 city fog by lizzmo Sister by freeminds:thumb91868575: cross my heart by irakly in Ligertwood by VeraAda:thumb82361022::thumb81468865: together by mbennion76 Twirl by Ermenelwen Dust fairy by play-my-game:thumb73603512: g9 by Marcus-Richarz Eve's Temptation by BluDesire Living in the Box by Zan61:thumb86971235: quelqu'un m'a dit by quadratiges rainy day by BOsKiKroKodyL:thumb77384202: 546437587978 by riu-sui
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ramaeschlimann Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
¡Muy buena selección! :thumbsup:
Sehr gute Auswahl! :thumbsup:
Very good selection! :thumbsup:
Roinja Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2008
Menoevil Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008   Photographer
thank you so much :aww:
rogercastoro Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
great selection!
Talkingdrum Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008
Beautiful. I for one have found it very inspirational. :)
jialino Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008
i love black and white photography. :)
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